Visual Stress


Changing the Background Colour on Your Computer.




If you have been issued with coloured overlays to help with reading, you may also find it helpful to set the background colour of your computer when using the computer. Begin by trying the same colour as your overlays, but try other colours as well.



1/         Open a new word document



2/         Click on Format on the toolbar



3/         Click on Background on the drop-down menu. This will reveal a colour palette (below):





















4/         Allowing you mouse arrow to hover over any of the colours, on the palette, will reveal the name of the colour.


            Select the colour that you would find it most comfortable as your reading background. Similar colours to those used in overlays are: Pink, Rose, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Aqua, Blue, Lavender, and Violet.


            This will change the background colour of your word documents, when the view is in Online Layout.



5/         To remove the side panel in the Online Layout (if present): Right click over the side panel, then click on Document Map on the drop box.






















6/         To select a preferred shade with more subtlety: Use the pallet to click on a shade close to that required, then repeat steps 1-3 and click on the More Colours option of the drop down pallet menu. This gives the following Colours drop-down box with an advanced pallet from which further selection can be made:























7/         To change the brightness of your selected shade click on the Custom Tab at the top of the drop box. This gives the following drop box:




















8/         Finally, to prevent the background colour from printing on your document: Click on Tools, then Options. Select the Print tab on the drop box, and click on the tick next to Background Printing to remove it if present.


























This form was designed by the Student Support Service, SE Essex Regional College: It may be photocopied