www1.essex for Colorimetry

Lens5-22.xls is a Microsoft Excel Workbook that can be used with the Intuitive Colorimeter Mark 1 Mark 2 or Mark 3. It provides the following information about a stack of trial lenses:

·         The spectral transmission

·         The darkness of a tint in relation to its saturation: the appropriate use of the attenuators

·         The advisability of a UV -blocker

·         The effect of the tint on traffic signals

·         An estimate of influence of light sources on the effectiveness of the tint

·         Suggestions for changes to the tint if it is to be worn exclusively in daylight or in incandescent light

·         A comparison with other prescriptions

·         The chromaticity coordinates under various light sources

The www1.essex also provides the stack of trial lenses that matches any Colorimeter setting. This feature can be used only with the Intuitive Colorimeter Mark 2 and Mark 3.

Variations between Mark 2 and Mark 3 colorimeters are small, but they can be accommodated, if necessary, by following a simple calibration procedure available on one of the component spreadsheets of the workbook.

Download Lens5-22.xls. The file is 4.5MB in size.

If you download the file, please email Arnold Wilkins (arnold@essex.ac.uk) with ‘register’ in the subject header, and a message giving your name, and you will be informed of future upgrades.

Releases are listed below.

Lens.xls – first version, released 16 Oct 2001 - provides only the trial lens combination

Lens2-1.xls – interim version, released 7 Dec 2001

Lens2-3.xls - trial version, released 11 Dec 2001

Lens2-4.xls - trial version, released 10 Jan 2002

Lens2-5.xls - trial version, released 6 Feb 2002

Lens2-6.xls - trial version, released 10 June 2002

Lens2-7.xls - trial version, released 25 June 2002

Lens2-8.xls - released 17 September 2002

Lens2-9.xls - released 23 May 2006

Lens3-2.xls - released 14 March 2007

Lens3-3.xls - released 19 May 2007. Bug regarding lens transmission fixed.

Lens3-4.xls - released 21 Aug 2007. Alternatives now work with lens stack selection.

Lens4-1.xls – released 3 Aug 2010. Additional information for researchers in a new sheet.

Lens4-2.xls – released August 2011. Digital presentation of transmission data.

Lens5-22.xls - released December 2012. Minor changes in formatting

Lens3.x and later improve the data entry, combining entry of hue and saturation or trial lens combinations.

If you have suggestions for further www1.essex development, please email Arnold Wilkins.