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Seminars for 2017/18

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Teri A. KirbyUniversity of ExeterThe Trials and Tribulations of Diversity Management: How Diversity Initiatives Impact Ethnic Minorities and Women09/05/201716:00research
Mark J. BrandtTilburg UniversityBelief System Networks02/05/201716:00research
Dr Johan HullemanUniversity of ManchesterThe impending demise of the item in visual search25/04/201716:00research
Neil CohnTilburg University Your brain on comics: A model of visual narrative processing04/04/201716:00research
Karen PhaletUniversity of LeuvenAcculturation attitudes and norms in a high-diversity environment: consequences for the inclusion and success of immigrant minorities21/03/201716:00research
Jerome Barkow PhDDalhousie UniversityBeing Realistic about Extraterrestrial Psychologies17/03/201716:00research
Dr Manuela StetsUniversity of EssexThe Use of Multiple Methods in Developmental Psychology: An Example From a Longitudinal Study14/03/201716:00research
Dr Loïc CarouxToulouse Mind & Brain InstituteUnderstanding attentional processes in human-computer interaction: the case of video games07/03/201716:00research
Gaelle Vallee-TourangeauKingston University LondonCANCELLED28/02/201716:00research
Dr Vanessa LoaizaUniversity of EssexWhat’s Not Working About Working Memory in Older Age?21/02/201716:00research

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