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Welcome new BA and BSc Psychology students

Congratulations on your place at Essex! We hope you're excited about joining us. Don't forget to read all of the central information for new Essex students. In addition, this page provides information on your specific course.

Essential dates for your diary

During Welcome Week you must complete Registration, so that you can start your course.

Your course

  • Choosing your non-core modules

    In addition to the core modules that you take as requirements of the Psychology BA/BSc, you also select another module as part of your Year 1 programme of study. This is your “non-core module”.

    We are happy for you to choose any module that interests you or that teaches you some skills that you would like to develop. This could be in any other department of the University, or you could choose PS118 Applied Psychology.

    The Module Directory is a good place to find out more about the modules that you might be considering. You should be aware that for some modules in other departments there is a limit to the number of students who can take the module. Therefore, it's a good idea to start looking at which modules might interest you now. You can enrol on modules using eNROL.

  • Timetables

    You should access your timetable online using your Essex login details. Your psychology modules have lectures that all students on the module attend at the same time, and other sessions (tutorials, classes, workshops) where you are taught in smaller groups. For these sessions there are different times for different students (depending on your group allocation). Class information is included on your online timetable.

  • Hours of study per week

    During term time you will have approximately 12 hours of timetabled "contact time" per week (lectures, classes, tutorials and workshops). A useful guideline is that you should expect to do two hours of personal study for every hour of contact time. You should also allow time for study out of term time.

  • Assessment

    Three of your modules (PS111, PS114 and PS115) are assessed by coursework through the year and an end-of-year examination in May or June. Coursework assessments have a variety of formats, including essays, research reports and in-class tests (sat under exam conditions). Your handbook includes guidance on completing assignments and details of the assessment criteria. All of the relevant dates are published at the start of the academic year. Your PS116 and PS117 modules are assessed by attendance and participation in class activities.

  • Contact us

    There are several people in our Department who can help you if you have a question - the Year 1 tutor, the Year 1 administrator, the module co-ordinators, the lecturers who teach you, or your personal tutor (whom you will meet at our Welcome Day). If you aren't sure who to speak to about a particular issue please contact Laura Cunniffe, Year 1 Administrator, by emailing

    Contact details for Year 1 modules

    • Year 1 tutor: Dr Nick Cooper,
    • PS111 Discovering Psychology: Dr Dean Wybrow,
    • PS114 Research Methods for Psychology: Dr Deborah Fantini,
    • PS115 Statistics for Psychologists: Dr Tim Rakow,
    • PS116 Preparing for University Psychology: Dr Steffan Kennett,
    • PS117 Psychology Careers and Employability: Dr Rick O'Gorman,
    • PS118 Applied Psychology (not compulsory for the BA/BSc Psychology but can be taken as your non-core module): Dr Tim Rakow,

    More details about each module can be found on the Module Directory. To discover more about these lecturers and the other staff who will be part of your Essex experience, you can visit our Staff pages.

Finding your way around campus

The University of Essex campus at Colchester is quite compact, so it doesn't take long to move between lectures, classes, the library and other facilities such as the Sports Centre. One tip is to take a walk around campus during Welcome Week, and find all of the rooms where you have lectures and classes the following week. Campus and departmental tours will be available during our departmental Welcome Day.