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Student Staff Liaison Committee

The Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) provides a forum where representatives of students in the department meet with staff to discuss the running of courses and the department. Your representatives can put forward your views on these issues and any others that affect your time as a member of our department.

Representing your voice

The student representatives play an essential role in conveying student needs and opinions within the department. They act as your voice. Please take any feedback that you would like to give the department to one of the representatives listed below. If you would like to become a student representative contact Kat Younger ( in the Students' Union.

Undergraduate - UG SSLC

  • Minutes

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  • Staff members

    • Chair and Undergraduate Director: Dr Tracy Robinson
    • Year 1, 2 and 3 tutors: Dr Nick Cooper, Dr Steffan Kennett and Dr Jonathan Rolison
    • Year 1 and Year 3 UG Administrator: Kathryn Hills

  • Student representatives

    First year

    • Jordon King
    • Beverly Onyango
    • Ciara Baker
    • Tasnim Ali
    • Jedrah Owusu-Mensah
    • Lauren Connelly
    • Misra Oksuz
    • Chloe Newton
    • Vithurna Vickramarajah
    • Marina Papadopoulou
    • Urszula Podgorcyk
    • Dearbhla Kelly-O'Hara
    • Sandra de la Prida Cebrian
    • Sameem Haidari
    • Priyasha Khurana
    • Callum Hemming
    • Zoey Chayata
    • Irene Martinho
    • Helina Patel

    Second year

    • Ana Amzoiu
    • Mansha Virk
    • Wing Tung Chung
    • Paige Leggett
    • Dominka Duchnowska
    • Maria Duk
    • Kriszta Kiss
    • Alana Hunt
    • Connor Burden

    Third year

    • Nana Addai
    • Rahma Abdi
    • Jessie Grimsey
    • Megan King
    • Fatos Narci
    • Christia Kyprianou
    • Oreoluwa Onaloye
    • Michigan Buckley
    • Ayesha Mandalia
    • Sissel Melberg
    • Noely Tshibola
    • Koey Tin
    • Alexander Bero
    • Paris Smale
    • Oda Asgard
    • Katie Clarkson
    • Samuel Webb
    • Chelsea Cendana
    • Mishie Alphonse
    • Zamena Suleiman
    • Belen Varela

  • SSLC regulations

Postgraduate - PG SSLC

  • Minutes

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  • Staff members

    • Director of Education [Chair]: Dr Tracy Robinson
    • Director of Postgraduate Taught Education: Dr Marcello Costantini
    • Director of Postgraduate Taught Education recruitment and conversion: Dr Tom Foulsham
    • Director of Postgraduate Research Education: Dr Gerulf Rieger
    • GTA/GLA co-ordinator: Dr Helge Gillmeister
    • Student Experience Enhancement Officer: Dr Gillian Sandstrom
    • Acting Departmental Manager: Mrs Lesley Monk
    • Graduate Administrator [Secretary]: Ms Julie Peirson
    • Note taker: Ms Jo Czarnecki

  • Student representatives


    • Seerat Kaur - MSc Psyschology
    • Wenjing Zhang - MSc Psychology
    • Taya Beleanina - MSc Advanced Psychology
    • Angela Burgess - MSc Language and the Brain
    • Ayse Biyikoglu - MSc Research Methods in Pyschology
    • Marianna Chrysantza - MSc Cognitive Neuropsychology


    • Jordi Asher - PhD Psychology

Want to be involved?

If you are interested in becoming a student representative, or have any ideas to improve things, then the easiest approach is to discuss them directly with an appropriate member of staff (your course supervisor or the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Administrator). The Committee holds two meetings a year.