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Course-specific issues

If you have any academic concerns related to a specific course, you should first attempt to gain help through the individual lecturer responsible for providing teaching on that course, or the course co-ordinator who has overall responsibility for that course. Email is normally the most convenient and preferred way to contact staff, but staff may also be contacted by phone or in person in their offices. Staff may be able to help you by replying to your email, but they may also arrange tutorial meetings with students to discuss course issues.

Academic guidance

We operate a personal adviser system. You will be allocated a personal adviser, who is a member of the academic staff responsible for providing individual academic and pastoral support. They act as an "academic GP" - they are a named person that you can turn to when you have a query regarding academic progression, or when you feel the need to discuss other academic or personal problems in confidence that are affecting your studies. You will meet your personal adviser at least once in your first term. Beyond that, you are under no obligation to make regular use of your personal adviser.

Serious academic and pastoral matters

You can also raise any serious academic or pastoral concerns with Dr Tracy Robinson (Director of Undergraduate Studies) and Dr Dean Wybrow (Student Support Co-ordinator). Dean liaises with expert student support services provided by our University in the Student Support Hub. The service is confidential and will not pass on your details unless given permission to do so.