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Our Department

Our Department was founded in 1991 and we have rapidly expanded to become a leading centre for research and teaching in psychology. We provide a vibrant academic environment for high quality research and teaching in psychology and cognitive neuroscience.


We offer:

We attract a large number of students from around the world, creating a supportive and stimulating environment in which to study and conduct research.


We are a research-intensive Department and our research activity is diverse. Our academics have a variety of interests that fall into three broad categories:

  • cognitive and developmental psychology
  • cognitive and sensory neuroscience
  • social and health psychology

We host an active programme of research seminars, featuring distinguished speakers from outside the Department and our own research staff presenting their latest research and ideas.


We have an outstanding range of specialist labs and facilities, suitable for a wide variety of psychological experimentation. This includes our purpose-built Centre for Brain Science which offers state-of-the-art facilities for neuroscientific studies.