Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR207-5-SP Picturing the City I 15
AR216-5-AU After Impressionism: European Art From Van Gogh to Klimt 15
BE708-5-AU Foundations of Human Resource Management 15
CS207-5-AU Beyond the BA: Building Career and Employability Readiness 0
CS241-5-SP Doing Interdisciplinary Research for a BA Dissertation: Approaches, Methods, Practice 15
CS261-5-AU America and the World 15
GV121-5-SP Institutions of Democracy 15
GV212-5-SP International Organisations 15
GV216-5-SP Development, N.G.Os and Foreign Aid 15
GV217-5-AU Conflict Analysis 15
GV225-5-AU International Economic Development 15
GV241-5-AU African Politics 15
GV271-5-AU The European Union: Institutions and Policies 15
LA067-6-FY Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling Skills 30
LA121-6-AU Intensive Beginners French I 15
LA122-6-SP Intensive Beginners French II 15
LA130-6-AU Intermediate French I 15
LA131-6-SP Intermediate French II 15
LA140-6-AU Post A-Level French I 15
LA142-6-SP Post A-Level French II 15
LA150-5-FY Proficiency French 30
LA217-6-AU German and Professional Skills I 15
LA218-6-SP German and Professional Skills II 15
LA221-6-AU Intensive Beginners German I 15
LA222-6-SP Intensive Beginners German II 15
LA230-6-AU Intermediate German I 15
LA231-6-SP Intermediate German II 15
LA240-6-AU Post A-Level German I 15
LA242-6-SP Post A-Level German II 15
LA250-5-FY Proficiency German 30
LA333-6-AU Portuguese Conversion I 15
LA334-6-SP Portuguese Conversion II 15
LA340-6-AU Post A-Level Portuguese I 15
LA342-6-SP Post A-Level Portuguese II 15
LA350-5-FY Proficiency Portuguese 30
LA410-6-AU Beginners Spanish I 15
LA415-6-SP Beginners Spanish II 15
LA420-6-AU Post Beginners Spanish I 15
LA421-6-AU Intensive Beginners Spanish I 15
LA422-6-SP Intensive Beginners Spanish II 15
LA425-6-SP Post Beginners Spanish II 15
LA430-6-AU Intermediate Spanish I 15
LA431-6-SP Intermediate Spanish II 15
LA440-6-AU Post A-Level Spanish I 15
LA442-6-SP Post A-Level Spanish II 15
LA450-5-FY Proficiency Spanish 30
LA621-6-AU Intensive Beginners Italian I 15
LA622-6-SP Intensive Beginners Italian II 15
LA630-6-AU Intermediate Italian I 15
LA631-6-SP Intermediate Italian II 15
LA640-6-AU Post A-Level Italian I 15
LA642-6-SP Post A-Level Italian II 15
LA650-5-FY Proficiency Italian 30
LT203-5-FY "I, too, sing America": Identity, Diversity, and Voice in United States Literature 30
LT269-5-SP Climate Emergency: Narrating the Environment and Writing the Wild 15
LW218-5-AU Public International Law 15
LW219-5-SP Law: War and Justice 15
PY429-5-SP Capitalism and its Critics 15
SC204-5-FY Sociology of Crime and Control 30
SC224-5-FY Digital Society 30
SC233-5-AU Race, Class and Gender 15
SC233-5-SP Race, Class and Gender 15