Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
BE116-6-AU Elements of Corporate and Business Law 15
BE130-6-FY Current Issues in Financial Reporting 30
BE131-6-AU Advanced Management Accounting 15
BE132-6-SP Auditing 15
BE133-6-SP Issues in Management Accounting 15
BE134-6-SP International Accounting 15
BE139-6-AU Corporate Governance 15
BE329-6-AU Financial Management 15
BE331-6-SP The Pricing of Securities in Financial Markets 15
BE332-6-AU Options and Futures 15
BE333-6-AU Empirical Finance 15
BE334-6-AU Financial Markets and Monetary Policy 15
BE420-6-SP Leadership in Organisations 15
BE421-6-SP Psychology of Work : A Myers Briggs Perspective 15
BE422-6-SP Business and International Development 15
BE433-6-AU Human Resource Management 15
BE434-6-SP Management Psychology 15
BE435-6-SP Management, Society and New Forms of Work 15
BE437-6-AU Perspectives on Technology, Organisation and Society 15
BE439-6-AU Business Ethics 15
BE440-6-AU Brand Management 15
BE447-6-AU Managing Innovation and Technology 15
BE515-6-AU Consumer Behaviour 15
BE530-6-SP Critical Marketing Perspectives 15
BE533-6-SP Corporate Marketing 15
BE630-6-SP International Finance 15
BE631-6-SP Risk Management and Financial Institutions 15
BE632-6-SP International Banking 15
LT394-6-SP Law and Literature 15
LT431-6-SP Comparative Media Law and Regulation 15
LW214-6-FY Family Law 30
LW218-6-AU Introduction to Public International Law 15
LW219-6-SP Selected Issues in Public International Law 15
LW223-6-FY European Human Rights Law 30
LW224-6-AU Banking Law 15
LW225-6-FY Company Law 30
LW232-6-SP Introduction to Medical Law 15
LW237-6-AU Clinical Legal Education (Law Placement) 15
LW237-6-SP Clinical Legal Education (Law Placement) 15
LW241-6-AU Consumer Contract Law 15
LW242-6-SP Commercial Contract Law 15
LW244-6-AU The Protection of Human Rights in the UK 15
LW251-6-SP Employment Law and Practice 15
LW253-6-AU Understanding Judges 15
LW301-6-AU Jurisprudence 15
LW316-6-FY Law of Evidence 30
LW327-6-FY International Trade Law 30
LW336-6-SP Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation Theory and Practice 15
LW343-6-SP Competition Law 15
LW349-6-SP Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice: Law, Policy and Practice 15
LW352-6-FY Advanced Legal Advice Case Work 30
LW354-6-AU Criminology 15
LW357-6-SP Justice 15
LW359-6-SP Introduction to Islamic Law 15
LW362-6-AU Gender and Law 15
LW363-6-SP Copyright and Trade Mark Law 15
LW943-6-SP Corporate Insolvency Law 15