Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
CS300-6-SP Community Engagement: Group Projects 15
CS316-6-FY Democracy in Action 30
GV317-6-SP Corruption 15
GV538-6-SP From Cradle to Grave: Social Justice in Childhood, Adulthood, and Death 15
HU300-6-FY Selected Issues in Human Rights 30
LG364-6-SP Forensic Linguistics 15
LT394-6-SP Law and Literature 15
LW209-6-SP Public Law in Context: Past, Present and Future 15
LW214-6-SP Family Law 15
LW218-6-AU Introduction to Public International Law 15
LW219-6-SP Selected Issues in Public International Law 15
LW224-6-SP Banking Law 15
LW225-6-FY Company Law 30
LW229-6-SP Animal Protection and Wildlife Law 15
LW232-6-SP Introduction to Medical Law 15
LW237-6-SP Clinical Legal Education (Law Placement) 15
LW241-6-AU Consumer Contract Law 15
LW242-6-SP Commercial Contract Law 15
LW244-6-AU The Protection of Human Rights in the UK 15
LW251-6-SP Employment Law and Practice 15
LW301-6-AU Jurisprudence 15
LW316-6-FY Law of Evidence 30
LW338-6-AU Private International Trade Law 15
LW343-6-AU Competition Law 15
LW349-6-SP Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice: Law, Policy and Practice 15
LW352-6-FY Legal Ethics and Justice 30
LW356-6-AU International Environmental Law 15
LW359-6-SP Introduction to Islamic Law 15
LW363-6-SP Copyright and Trade Mark Law 15
LW365-6-SP Clinical Legal Education: Commercial Awareness 15
LW986-6-AU Public International Economic Law 15
SC302-6-SP Crimes of the Powerful 15
SC306-6-AU Crime, Media and Culture 15
SC311-6-SP Childhood Innocence and Deviance 15
SC326-6-FY Psychiatry and Mental Illness 30
SC361-6-AU American Society: Ethnic Encounters in the Making of the USA 15
SC361-6-FY American Society: Ethnic Encounters in the Making of the USA 30
SC361-6-SP American Society: Ethnic Encounters in the Making of the USA 15
SC362-6-SP Visual Cultures: the Social Meanings of Photography and Art 15
SC364-6-SP Mass Media and Modern Life 15
SC382-6-AU Crime, Policy and Social Justice 15
SC385-6-AU Modelling Crime and Society 15
SC385-6-FY Modelling Crime and Society 30
SC387-6-AU The Age of Trauma 15
SC387-6-FY The Age of Trauma 30
SC387-6-SP The Age of Trauma 15