Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
GV510-7-AU Democracy, Violence, and Inequality in Latin America 15
GV524-7-AU Gender and Leadership 15
GV525-7-SP Israeli Politics 15
GV528-7-SP Political Theory and Gender 15
GV538-7-SP From Cradle to Grave: Social Justice in Childhood, Adulthood, and Death 15
GV554-7-SP Migration, Politics and International Development 15
GV591-7-AU Comparative Environmental Politics 15
GV592-7-SP International Environmental Politics 15
GV900-7-AU Introduction to Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis I 15
GV903-7-AU Quantitative Methods 15
GV906-7-AU Conflict Resolution 15
GV907-7-AU Comparative Political Economy 15
GV908-7-AU Justice and Equality 15
GV909-7-AU Foundations and Methods of Political Theory 15
GV914-7-AU Research Design 15
GV915-7-SU Applied Research Design 15
GV917-7-AU Public Opinion and Political Behaviour: Theories and Issues 15
GV918-7-AU Data for Social Data Science 30
GV923-7-AU Foundations of Public Policy 15
GV924-7-SP The Politics of Public Policy 15
GV928-7-AU Political Psychology 15
GV944-7-SP Insurgents, Criminals and Terrorists 15
GV945-7-AU International Institutions and Global Governance 15
GV946-7-SP Conflict Resolution and Peace 15
GV947-7-SP International Political Economy 15
GV948-7-SP Democracy and Freedom 15
GV950-7-SP Introduction to Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis II 15
GV952-7-AU Comparative European Politics I 15
GV953-7-SP Advanced Quantitative Methods 15
GV955-7-SP Comparative European Politics II 15
GV967-7-SP Public Opinion and Political Behaviour: Methods and Practices 15
GV978-7-AU Ideology and Discourse Analysis 15
GV988-7-SP Critical Political Theory: Hegemony, Populism and Radical Democracy 15