Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR223-5-AU Art and Power 15
AR250-5-FY Essex Cultural Outreach: Placement Module 15
CS200-5-AU Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability and Community Action 15
CS220-5-AU Navigating the Digital World 15
CS220-5-FY Navigating the Digital World 30
CS220-5-SP Navigating the Digital World 15
CS241-5-SP Doing Interdisciplinary Research for a BA Dissertation: Approaches, Methods, Practice 15
CS261-5-FY Crisis of the American Idea 30
HR229-5-AU Resistance and Rebellion in the World of Atlantic Slavery 15
LT218-5-SP Black Lives Represented: Writing, Art, Politics and Society 15
PA208-5-AU Freud: Mind, Culture and Society 15
PA209-5-SP The Unconscious: Analytical Psychology, Culture and Society - Jung 15