Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR312-6-SP Contemporary Art: 1980 to the Present 15
AR346-6-AU Inventing the Future: Early Contemporary 1945-1980 15
CS300-6-SP Community Engagement: Group Projects 15
CS831-6-FY Final Year Dissertation 30
EC335-6-SP Strategies of Economic Development 15
EC367-6-SP The Economic Geography of Employment, Innovation and Trade 15
GV312-6-AU Domestic Politics and International Relations 15
GV313-6-AU Authoritarianism 15
GV313-6-FY Authoritarianism and Corruption 30
GV313-6-SP Corruption 15
GV315-6-SP Political Economy of International Development 15
GV369-6-SP American Political Institutions 15
GV517-6-AU International Security Studies 15
GV517-6-FY International Security Studies 30
GV537-6-FY Development, State Building and Conflict 30
GV543-6-AU Human Rights and Global Justice 15
GV591-6-AU International Environmental Politics 15
GV591-6-FY Environmental Politics 30
GV591-6-SP Domestic Environmental Politics 15
HR371-6-SP Fictions of Empire 15
HU300-6-FY Selected Issues in Human Rights 30
LG448-6-AU American Languages 15
PY413-6-SP Contemporary Political Philosophy 15
SC304-6-FY Globalisation and Crime 30
SC304-6-SP Globalisation and Crime 15
SC308-6-SP Race, Ethnicity and Migration 15
SC361-6-SP American Society: Ethnic Encounters in the Making of the USA 15
SC362-6-SP Visual Cultures: the Social Meanings of Photography and Art 15
SC364-6-AU Mass Media and Modern Life 15
SC364-6-FY Mass Media and Modern Life 30
SC364-6-SP Mass Media and Modern Life 15
SC387-6-AU War and Trauma in the Modern Age 15
SC387-6-FY War and Trauma in the Modern Age 30
SC387-6-SP War and Trauma in the Modern Age 15
SC389-6-SP Power, Wealth and Poverty in a Global Age 15