Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
PS486-6-AU Culture and Psychology 15
PS487-6-AU Emotion 15
PS489-6-SP Animal Behaviour 15
PS490-6-SP Evolutionary Psychology: How natural and sexual selection helped shape the human mind 15
PS491-6-SP Topics in Human Memory 15
PS495-6-AU The Neuroscience of Human Nature 15
PS502-6-SP Body, Senses and Existence 15
PS503-6-AU Ageing: Mind, Brain, and Behaviour 15
PS503-6-SP Ageing: Mind, Brain, and Behaviour 15
PS504-6-AU Psychopathology 15
PS507-6-SP Making connections: How children develop 15
PS508-6-AU "Believing is Seeing". The power of belief and suggestion on the mind and brain 15
PS509-6-AU The science of uncertainty 15
PS511-6-SP From Me to We: Understanding Gender, Sexuality and Romantic Relationships 15
PS512-6-AU Decision making science in theory and practice 15
PS515-6-AU The Psychology of (Self)-Improvement 15
PS516-6-SP Psychology in the Real World 15
PS517-6-SP The Psychology of Sustainability 15
PS518-6-AU The Criminal Mind 15
AW150-6-AU Term Abroad Module 1 15
AW151-6-AU Term Abroad Module 2 15
AW152-6-AU Term Abroad Module 3 15
AW153-6-AU Term Abroad Module 4 15