Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
PS486-6-SP Culture and Psychology 15
PS487-6-SP Emotion 15
PS490-6-AU Evolution and Behaviour 15
PS492-6-FY Advanced employability skills and career progression 0
PS495-6-SP The Neuroscience of Human Nature 15
PS498-6-AU Human Sexuality 15
PS502-6-SP Body, Senses and Existence 15
PS503-6-AU Ageing: Mind, Brain, and Behaviour 15
PS504-6-AU Psychopathology 15
PS507-6-SP Making connections: How children develop 15
PS509-6-AU The science of uncertainty 15
PS511-6-AU What's Love Got To Do With It? Understanding Romantic Relationships. 15
PS512-6-SP Decision making science in theory and practice 15