Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR323-6-AU Art and Ideas III 15
BE947-6-FY Democracy in Action 30
CS301-6-AU Dangerous Ideas: Essays as Social Criticism 15
CS301-6-FY Dangerous Ideas: Essays and Manifestos as Social Criticism Capstone 30
CS301-6-SP Dangerous Ideas: Manifestos as Social Criticism 15
CS315-6-SP Global Challenges in Interdisciplinary Perspective: Water Conflicts, Water Cultures 15
PY413-6-SP Contemporary Political Philosophy 15
PY426-6-SP Philosophy Dissertation 15
PY427-6-SP Topics in the Philosophy of Religion 15
PY428-6-SP Philosophy and Medical Ethics 15
PY430-6-AU Topics in Analytic Philosophy 15
PY431-6-SP Ancient Philosophy 15
PY454-6-AU Existentialism and Phenomenology 15
PY456-6-AU Critical Theory 15
PY500-6-AU Kant's Revolution in Philosophy 15