Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR220-5-AU Art and Ideas II: More Art, More Ideas - Critique and Historiography in the History of Art 15
CS200-5-AU Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability and Community Action 15
CS201-5-FY The World in Question: The Social, Cultural, Political & Environmental Legacies of the Enlightenment 30
LT269-5-SP Climate Emergency: Narrating the Environment and Writing the Wild 15
PY400-5-AU Rationalists and Empiricists 15
PY402-5-AU Kierkegaard 15
PY404-5-SP Theories of the Self 15
PY407-5-SP Philosophy and Religion 15
PY408-5-AU Ethics 15
PY418-5-SP Philosophy of Mind 15
PY429-5-AU Capitalism and its Critics 15
PY437-5-AU Modern Social and Political Thought 15
PY453-5-SP Feminism 15