Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR224-5-SP Study Trip Abroad (Year 2) 15
AR312-6-SP Contemporary Art: 1980 to the Present 15
AR321-6-AU Photography in History 15
AR323-6-AU Art and Ideas III 15
AR342-6-SP Study Trip Abroad (Final Year) 15
AR343-6-SP Art, the Law and the Market 15
AR346-6-AU Inventing the Future: Early Contemporary 1945-1980 15
BE116-6-AU Elements of Corporate and Business Law 15
BE130-6-FY Current Issues in Financial Reporting 30
BE131-6-AU Advanced Management Accounting 15
BE132-6-SP Auditing 15
BE133-6-SP Issues in Management Accounting 15
BE134-6-SP International Accounting 15
BE139-6-AU Corporate Governance 15
BE329-6-AU Financial Management 15
BE331-6-SP The Pricing of Securities in Financial Markets 15
BE332-6-AU Options and Futures 15
BE333-6-AU Empirical Finance 15
BE334-6-AU Financial Markets and Monetary Policy 15
BE420-6-SP Leadership in Organisations 15
BE421-6-SP Psychology of Work : A Myers Briggs Perspective 15
BE422-6-SP Business and International Development 15
BE433-6-AU Human Resource Management 15
BE434-6-SP Management Psychology 15
BE435-6-SP Management, Society and New Forms of Work 15
BE437-6-AU Perspectives on Technology, Organisation and Society 15
BE439-6-AU Business Ethics 15
BE440-6-AU Brand Management 15
BE447-6-AU Managing Innovation and Technology 15
BE515-6-AU Consumer Behaviour 15
BE530-6-SP Critical Marketing Perspectives 15
BE533-6-SP Corporate Marketing 15
BE630-6-SP International Finance 15
BE631-6-SP Risk Management and Financial Institutions 15
BE632-6-SP International Banking 15
CS300-6-SP Community Engagement: Group Projects 15
CS831-6-FY Final Year Dissertation 30
EC203-6-SP Economic Growth: historical perspectives on technological change 15
EC322-6-SP Microeconomics (Advanced) 15
EC324-6-AU Macroeconomics (Advanced) 15
EC329-6-AU Economics of the European Union 15
EC335-6-SP Strategies of Economic Development 15
EC351-6-SP Mathematical Economics 15
EC352-6-AU Econometric Methods 15
EC355-6-SP Public Economics 15
EC365-6-SP Theory of Monopoly and Regulation 15
EC366-6-AU Market Structure and Strategic Behaviour 15
EC367-6-SP The Economic Geography of Employment, Innovation and Trade 15
EC368-6-AU International Money and Finance 15
EC371-6-AU Economic Analysis of Asset Prices 15
EC372-6-SP Economics of Financial Markets and Intermediation 15
EC383-6-AU Environmental Economics 15
EC386-6-AU Introduction to Health Economics and Policy 15
EC387-6-AU Experimental Methods in Economics 15
EC831-6-FY Project: Economics 30
GV254-6-SP Ethics and Public Policy 15
GV275-5-FY Issues in Politics and Capstone Preparation 15
GV300-6-FY Quantitative Political Analysis 30
GV303-6-SP Electoral Behaviour 15
GV307-6-FY Political Economy 30
GV312-6-AU Domestic Politics and International Relations 15
GV313-6-AU Authoritarianism 15
GV313-6-FY Authoritarianism and Corruption 30
GV313-6-SP Corruption 15
GV314-6-AU Political Economy of Global Integration 15
GV315-6-SP Political Economy of International Development 15
GV369-6-SP American Political Institutions 15
GV374-6-FY Mass Media and Democracy 30
GV383-6-AU German Politics 15
GV383-6-FY German Politics 30
GV383-6-SP German Politics 15
GV384-6-AU Democracy, Dictatorship and Regime Change 15
GV508-6-SP The Analysis of Conflict and Peace 15
GV517-6-AU International Security Studies 15
GV517-6-FY International Security Studies 30
GV518-6-AU International Negotiation 15
GV519-6-SP British Political Parties 15
GV521-6-AU Multiparty Systems and Coalitions 15
GV537-6-FY Development, State Building and Conflict 30
GV538-6-SP From Cradle to Grave: Social Justice in Childhood, Adulthood, and Death 15
GV543-6-AU Human Rights and Global Justice 15
GV591-6-AU International Environmental Politics 15
GV591-6-FY Environmental Politics 30
GV591-6-SP Domestic Environmental Politics 15
GV831-6-FY Project: Politics 30
GV832-6-FY Project: Collaborative Faculty - Student Research Experience 30
HR287-6-SP American Consumer Society 1865-present 15
HR349-6-SP London 1500-1700: Reformation, Wealth and Destruction 15
HR352-6-FY The Common People: British Social History 1830-1950 30
HR353-6-FY Crime and Punishment: England in Comparative Perspective 1650-1900 30
HR370-6-AU The Tudors and Stuarts on Film 15
HR371-6-SP Fictions of Empire 15
HR388-6-FY Women, Gender and Sexuality in United States History 30
HR394-6-AU The United States and the Vietnam War 15
HR619-6-FY The Russian Revolution 1905-1932 30
HR645-6-FY From Liberation to the Tiananmen Massacre: China From Mao to Deng Xiaoping, 1949-1992 30
HR650-6-FY The Early Modern Households Project 30
LA067-6-FY Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling Skills 30
LA069-6-FY Language Dissertation 30
LA130-6-FY Higher Intermediate French 30
LA140-6-FY Advanced French 30
LA150-6-FY Proficiency Level French 30
LA160-6-FY Mastery Level French 30
LA230-6-FY Higher Intermediate German 30
LA240-6-FY Advanced German 30
LA250-6-FY Proficiency Level German 30
LA260-6-FY Mastery Level German 30
LA333-6-FY Spanish / Italian / Romanian to Portuguese Conversion 30
LA340-6-FY Advanced Portuguese 30
LA350-6-FY Proficiency Level Portuguese 30
LA360-6-FY Mastery Level Portuguese 30
LA430-6-FY Higher Intermediate Spanish 30
LA440-6-FY Advanced Spanish 30
LA450-6-FY Proficiency Level Spanish 30
LA460-6-FY Mastery Level Spanish 30
LA630-6-FY Higher Intermediate Italian 30
LA640-6-FY Advanced Italian 30
LA650-6-FY Proficiency Level Italian 30
LA660-6-FY Mastery Level Italian 30
LG328-6-AU Exploring Second Language Vocabulary Instruction 15
LG329-6-AU Language Teaching in Different Contexts 15
LG353-6-SP History of English 15
LG355-6-SP Varieties of English 15
LG358-6-AU Language and the Mind 15
LG359-6-AU World Language Structures 15
LG420-6-SP First Language Acquisition 15
LG448-6-AU American Languages 15
LG474-6-SP Language Rights 15
LG478-6-SP Computer Assisted Language Learning 15
LG484-6-SP Conversation and Social Interaction 15
LG489-6-SP Media and Institutional Talk 15
LG490-6-AU Literature and Language Teaching 15
LG831-6-FY Project: Linguistics 30
LT307-6-SP The Victorians: Writers and Society 15
LT320-6-FY Post-War(s) United States Fiction 30
LT321-6-SP Possible Worlds: Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, and Alternate Histories 15
LT323-6-FY The Imagined South 30
LT336-6-FY Cultural Ideology and Film 30
LT347-6-SP American Film Authors 15
LT355-6-FY Film and Propaganda 30
LT359-6-FY Creative Writing: Oulipo and the Avant Garde 30
LT360-6-AU Shakespeare and the History Play 15
LT364-6-SP Cyborgs, Clones and the Rise of the Robots: Science Fiction 15
LT368-6-AU Cityscapes of Modernism 15
LT372-6-SP Shakespeare: the Tragedies 15
LT377-6-SP Arthurian Literature 15
LT385-6-SP The Story and Myth of the West 15
LT390-6-AU The Limits of Representation: The Holocaust in Literature and Film 15
LT394-6-SP Law and Literature 15
LT396-6-AU Journalism and Storytelling 15
MA225-6-AU Quantum Mechanics 15
MA302-6-SP Complex Variables and Applications 15
MA305-6-AU Nonlinear Programming 15
MA306-6-SP Combinatorial Optimisation 15
MA311-6-SP Mathematics of Portfolios 15
MA314-6-SP Graph Theory 15
MA317-6-AU Modelling Experimental Data 15
MA318-6-AU Statistical Methods 15
MA319-6-AU Stochastic Processes 15
MA320-6-SP Financial Derivatives 15
MA321-6-SP Applied Statistics 15
MA323-6-AU Partial Differential Equations 15
PA208-6-AU Freud: Mind, Culture and Society 15
PA209-6-SP The Unconscious: Analytical Psychology, Culture and Society - Jung 15
PS481-6-AU Cognitive Neuropsychology 15
PS486-6-AU Culture and Psychology 15
PS487-6-AU Emotion 15
PS489-6-AU Animal Behaviour 15
PS490-6-AU Evolutionary Psychology: Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology 15
PS491-6-AU Topics in Human Memory 15
PS492-6-FY Advanced employability skills and career progression 0
PS495-6-SP The Neuroscience of Human Nature 15
PS500-6-SP The Social Voice 15
PS501-6-AU Consciousness and the bodily self 15
PS502-6-SP Psychology of Body, Senses and Existence 15
PS503-6-AU Ageing: Mind, Brain, and Behaviour 15
PS507-6-SP Making connections: How children develop 15
PS508-6-SP "Believing is Seeing". The power of belief and suggestion on the mind and brain 15
PS509-6-SP The science of uncertainty 15
PS510-6-SP Positive Psychology: The Science of Well-Being 15
PS511-6-SP What's Love Got To Do With It? Understanding Romantic Relationships. 15
PS512-6-SP Judgement and Decision-making 15
PY402-6-AU Kierkegaard 15
PY413-6-SP Contemporary Political Philosophy 15
PY426-6-SP Philosophy Dissertation 15
PY427-6-SP Topics in the Philosophy of Religion 15
PY428-6-AU Philosophy and Medical Ethics 15
PY432-6-AU Nietzsche 15
PY453-6-AU Feminism 15
PY454-6-SP Phenomenology and Existentialism 15
PY500-6-AU Kant's Revolution in Philosophy 15
SC301-6-FY Current Disputes in Sociology: Sociological Analysis III 30
SC304-6-FY Globalisation and Crime 30
SC304-6-SP Globalisation and Crime 15
SC306-6-AU Crime, Media and Culture 15
SC308-6-SP Race, Ethnicity and Migration 15
SC311-6-AU Children and Young People: Criminological Approaches - Current Debates 15
SC326-6-AU Psychiatry and Mental Illness 15
SC326-6-FY Psychiatry and Mental Illness 30
SC326-6-SP Psychiatry and Mental Illness 15
SC338-6-SP Religion in Modern and Post Modern Societies 15
SC361-6-SP American Society: Ethnic Encounters in the Making of the USA 15
SC362-6-SP Visual Cultures: the Social Meanings of Photography and Art 15
SC364-6-AU Mass Media and Modern Life 15
SC364-6-FY Mass Media and Modern Life 30
SC364-6-SP Mass Media and Modern Life 15
SC382-6-AU Crime, Policy and Social Justice 15
SC385-6-AU Models and Measurement in Quantitative Sociology 15
SC385-6-FY Models and Measurement in Quantitative Sociology 30
SC387-6-AU War and Trauma in the Modern Age 15
SC387-6-FY War and Trauma in the Modern Age 30
SC387-6-SP War and Trauma in the Modern Age 15
SC389-6-SP Power, Wealth and Poverty in a Global Age 15
SC830-6-FY Quantitative Research Project 30