Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR217-5-SP Becoming Modern: European Art From Futurism to Surrealism 15
AR219-5-SP Art in Latin America 15
AR220-5-SP Art and Ideas II: More Art, More Ideas - Critique and Historiography in the History of Art 15
AR250-5-FY Essex Cultural Outreach: Placement Module 15
AR312-6-SP Contemporary Art: 1980 to the Present 15
AR323-6-AU Art and Ideas III 15
CS200-5-AU Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability and Community Action 15
CS201-5-FY The World in Question: the Social, Political and Psychological Legacies of the Enlightenment 30
CS220-5-AU Navigating the Digital World 15
CS220-5-FY Navigating the Digital World 30
CS220-5-SP Navigating the Digital World 15
CS241-5-SP Doing Interdisciplinary Research for a BA Dissertation: Approaches, Methods, Practice 15
CS261-5-FY Crisis of the American Idea 30
CS300-6-SP Community Engagement: Group Projects 15
CS301-6-AU Dangerous Ideas: Essays as Social Criticism 15
CS301-6-FY Dangerous Ideas: Essays and Manifestos as Social Criticism Capstone 30
CS301-6-SP Dangerous Ideas: Manifestos as Social Criticism 15
CS831-6-FY Final Year Dissertation 30
EC245-5-AU International Financial Institutions and Policy 15
GV211-5-SP Violent Non State Actors: Violence, Crime and Conflict 15
GV214-5-AU International Relations: Theories and Approaches 15
GV216-5-SP Development, N.G.Os and Foreign Aid 15
GV225-5-AU International Economic Development 15
GV241-5-AU Political Development in Sub-Saharan Africa 15
HR229-5-AU Resistance and Rebellion in the World of Atlantic Slavery 15
LA333-5-FY Spanish / Italian / Romanian to Portuguese Conversion 30
LA333-6-FY Spanish / Italian / Romanian to Portuguese Conversion 30
LA340-6-FY Advanced Portuguese 30
LG448-6-AU American Languages 15
LT207-5-FY World Cinema 30
LT218-5-SP Black Lives Represented: Writing, Art, Politics and Society 15
LT385-6-SP The Story and Myth of the West 15
SC276-5-FY Anthropology of Birth, Sex and Death 30
SC361-6-SP American Society: Ethnic Encounters in the Making of the USA 15
SC362-6-SP Visual Cultures: the Social Meanings of Photography and Art 15
SC386-6-AU Anthropology of Race and Racism in Latin America 15
SC389-6-SP Power, Wealth and Poverty in a Global Age 15