Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR117-4-SP Collect, Curate, Display: A Short History of the Museum 15
AR119-4-SP Art and Ideas: I 15
AR121-4-AU Art Revolutions 15
AR123-4-AU Introduction to Heritage and Museum Studies 15
CS111-4-AU Interdisciplinary Research and Problem-Solving: An Introduction 15
CS112-4-SP Ways of Knowing 15
EC120-4-FY The World Economy in Historical Perspective 30
GV100-4-FY Introduction to Politics 30
HR103-4-SP Hidden Histories: Class, Race and Gender in Britain, c. 1640s-Present 15
HR106-4-SP Democracy in Europe and the United States, 1789-1989 15
HR107-4-AU Early Modern Europe in Global Context: Encounters, Exchanges, and Exploitation 15
HR172-4-AU War and the Twentieth-Century World: Experiences, Representations, and Legacies 15
HR173-4-FY Rebellious Pasts: Challenging and Creating Histories 30
HR176-4-AU Revolutions in History, 1776-1919: How to Change the World 15
HU100-4-FY Foundations of Human Rights 30
PY109-4-AU Introduction to Epistemology 15
PY110-4-SP Self and Identity 15
SC111-4-FY The Sociological Imagination 30