Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
CS101-4-FY Modern Revolutions in Science, Politics, and Culture 30
CS220-4-AU Navigating the Digital World 15
CS220-4-FY Navigating the Digital World 30
CS220-4-SP Navigating the Digital World 15
EC100-4-FY Economics for Business 30
EC111-4-FY Introduction to Economics 30
EC114-4-FY Introduction to Quantitative Economics 30
EC115-4-FY Methods of Economic Analysis 30
EC116-4-FY Applied Economics and Policy 30
EC118-4-SP Campus to Corporate 0
EC120-4-FY The World Economy in Historical Perspective 30
GV421-4-FY Disease, Disaster and Resilience 30
HR100-4-FY The Making of the Modern World since 1750 30
HR104-4-SP Resisting Empire 15
HR106-4-SP People and Power: A History of Democracy in Modern Europe 15
HR111-4-FY Europe Transformed: 1450-1750 30
HR162-4-AU The Great American Experiment 15
HU100-4-FY Foundations of Human Rights 30
PY111-4-FY Introduction to Philosophy 30
SC111-4-FY The Sociological Imagination 30