Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
BE332-6-AU Options and Futures 15
BE334-6-AU Financial Markets and Monetary Policy 15
BE630-6-SP International Finance 15
BE631-6-SP Risk Management and Financial Institutions 15
EC371-6-AU Economic Analysis of Asset Prices 15
EC372-6-SP Economics of Financial Markets and Intermediation 15
MA317-6-SP Modelling Experimental Data 15
MA318-6-AU Statistical Methods 15
MA319-6-AU Stochastic Processes 15
MA320-6-SP Financial Derivatives 15
MA321-6-SP Applied Statistics 15
MA829-6-AU Capstone Project: Mathematics 15
MA830-6-SP Capstone Project: Mathematics 15
MA831-6-FY Capstone Project: Mathematics 30