Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
HR370-6-AU The Tudors and Stuarts on Film 15
LT321-6-SP Possible Worlds: Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, and Alternate Histories 15
LT336-6-FY Cultural Ideology and Film 30
LT342-6-AU Dreaming and Writing 15
LT346-6-AU The Beginning of a Novel 15
LT347-6-SP American Film Authors 15
LT353-6-FY Myth and the Creative Process 30
LT355-6-FY Film and Propaganda 30
LT358-6-SP Writing Lyrics 15
LT359-6-FY Creative Writing: Oulipo and the Avant Garde 30
LT360-6-AU Shakespeare and the History Play 15
LT364-6-SP Cyborgs, Clones and the Rise of the Robots: Science Fiction 15
LT367-6-SP Understanding and Writing Science Fiction 15
LT368-6-AU Cityscapes of Modernism 15
LT381-6-FY Reading and Writing Poetry 30
LT385-6-SP The Story and Myth of the West 15
LT390-6-AU The Limits of Representation: The Holocaust in Literature and Film 15
LT394-6-SP Law and Literature 15
LT396-6-AU Journalism and Storytelling 15
TH344-6-FY Writing for the Theatre 30