Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR250-5-FY Essex Cultural Outreach: Placement Module 15
HR270-5-SP Sex, War and Class at the Movies: 1930-1960 15
LT203-5-FY "I, too, sing America": Identity, Diversity, and Voice in United States Literature 30
LT204-5-AU Criticism: Practice and Theory 15
LT204-5-FY Criticism: Practice and Theory 30
LT205-5-SP Creative Media 15
LT206-5-AU Narrative and Film 15
LT207-5-FY World Cinema 30
LT209-5-FY Writing Structures 30
LT210-5-AU Love and Death in the Renaissance 15
LT213-5-AU Writing the Revolution 1640 - 1720 15
LT214-5-SP Wits, Women and Wonder: British Literature in the Eighteenth Century 15
LT221-5-FY Introduction to Screenwriting 30
LT227-5-AU Directing Actors for Film 15
LT243-5-SP Low-budget, Experimental and Independent Cinemas 15
LT248-5-AU Modernism: 1890-1950 15
LT249-5-SP Postmodernism: 1950-2000 15
LT250-5-AU Dystopias 15
LT257-5-SP Work-based Learning in the Arts and Humanities 15