Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
AR115-4-AU Art, Sex and Death 15
CS101-4-FY Modern Revolutions in Science, Politics, and Culture 30
CS102-4-FY Europe: Myth and Idea 30
CS220-4-AU Navigating the Digital World 15
CS220-4-FY Navigating the Digital World 30
CS220-4-SP Navigating the Digital World 15
EC100-4-FY Economics for Business 30
EC111-4-FY Introduction to Economics 30
EC120-4-FY The World Economy in Historical Perspective 30
GV100-4-AU Introduction to Politics 15
GV100-4-FY Introduction to Politics 30
GV103-4-AU Introduction to International Relations 15
GV121-4-SP Institutions of Democracy 15
HR100-4-FY The Making of the Modern World since 1750 30
HR111-4-FY Europe Transformed: 1450-1750 30
LT171-4-AU Introduction to European Literature 15
LW430-4-AU Introduction to the Law of the European Union 15
PA209-4-SP The Unconscious: Analytical Psychology, Culture and Society - Jung 15
PY111-4-FY Introduction to Philosophy 30
PY113-4-FY Death, God and the Meaning of Life 30
SC104-4-FY Introduction to Crime, Law and Society 30
SC106-4-FY Media, Culture and Society 30
SC107-4-FY Introduction to Social Anthropology 30
SC111-4-FY The Sociological Imagination 30