Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
GV207-5-AU Quantitative Political Analysis 15
LG120-5-SP Introduction to Subtitling and Accessibility 15
LG211-5-SP Semantics and Pragmatics: Meaning and Discourse 15
LG212-5-AU Syntax: The Structure of Sentences 15
LG213-5-SP Research methods for language and linguistics 15
LG215-5-SP English Language Processing 15
LG217-5-AU Phonetics: Sounds Across Languages 15
LG218-5-AU Sociolinguistics 15
LG219-5-SP Multilingualism 15
LG220-5-SP Language and Gender 15
LG222-5-SP English Language in the media 15
LG329-5-AU Language Teaching in Different Contexts 15
LG666-5-FY Initial Teaching Practice 30
SC208-5-SP Quantitative Research: Crime and Inequality Across the Life Course 15