Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
HS215-5-SP Introduction to Health Psychology 15
PS212-5-FY Statistics for Psychologists, 2nd Year 30
PS406-5-AU Developmental Psychology 15
PS407-5-AU Social Psychology 15
PS411-5-SP Brain and Behaviour 15
PS414-5-AU Seeing and Hearing 15
PS415-5-SP Memory Attention and Language 15
PS416-5-SP Personality and Individual Differences 15
PS417-5-FY Enhancing employability and career planning 0
SC201-5-FY Continuity and Controversy in Sociology: Sociological Analysis II 30
SC203-5-FY Researching Social Life II 30
SC204-5-FY Sociology of Crime and Control 30
SC205-5-FY Policing, Punishment and Society 30
SC207-5-FY Computational Social Science and Digital Issues 30
SC208-5-FY Stratification Across the Life Course: Inequalities From Cradle to Grave 30
SC213-5-FY Social Psychology (Sociology): Self and Interaction 30
SC224-5-FY Digital Society 30
SC233-5-FY Race, Class and Gender 30
SC276-5-FY Anthropology of Birth, Sex and Death 30
SC277-5-FY Ethnographic Research Methods 30
SC291-5-FY Sociology of Sexualities 30