Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
BS303-6-SU Estuarine and Coastal Ecology Field Module 15
BS310-6-SP Principles of Molecular Virology 15
BS312-6-AU Genome Bioinformatics 15
BS320-6-SP Human Molecular Genetics 15
BS323-6-AU Plant Biotechnology 15
BS326-6-SP Molecular and Developmental Immunology 15
BS331-6-AU Stem Cell Biology and Ageing 15
BS332-6-AU Biomembranes and Bioenergetics 15
BS345-6-SP Climate Change and Pollution 15
BS349-6-SP Molecular Basis of Cancer 15
BS350-6-SP Mechanisms of Neurological Disease 15
BS352-6-AU Freshwater Ecology 15
BS354-6-AU Fisheries Ecology 15
PS489-6-SP Animal Behaviour 15
PS490-6-SP Evolutionary Psychology: How natural and sexual selection helped shape the human mind 15