Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
HR967-7-SP War on the Mind: Historical Perspectives on Trauma 20
PA931-7-FY Contexts of the Refugee Experience 30
SC504-7-AU Introduction to Quantitative Analysis 20
SC508-7-AU Digital Economy 20
SC509-7-AU Media Theory 20
SC510-7-AU Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Theory 20
SC519-7-AU Advertising: Commerce and Creativity 20
SC520-7-SP Interviewing and Qualitative Data Analysis 20
SC526-7-SP Citizenship, International Migration and Human Rights 20
SC551-7-SP Dynamics of Home and Work 20
SC555-7-AU Formative Debates in Criminology 20
SC556-7-AU Organised Crime: Global and Local 20
SC557-7-SP Critical Perspectives on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism 20
SC559-7-AU The Emotional Turn in Sociology and the Human Sciences 20
SC560-7-SP Sex for Sale: Theories, Politics and Contestations 20
SC561-7-SP Global Security Challenges 20
SC655-7-SP Current Controversies in Criminology 20
SC901-7-SP Topics in Contemporary Social Theory 20
SC905-7-AU Sociological Research Design 20
SC920-7-SP Colonialism, Cultural Diversity and Human Rights 20
SC968-7-SP Advanced Quantitative Analysis: Models for Cause and Effect 20
SC971-7-AU Survey Sampling, Non-Response and Inference 20
SC974-7-SP Survey Measurement and Question Design 20
SC982-7-AU Migration: Theory, Concepts and Selected Issues 20
SC985-7-SP The Context of Integration: Origin, Destination and the Children of Immigrants 20