Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
BE467-7-SP Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 20
BE478-7-AU International Employment Relations 15
BE480-7-SP Equality and Diversity 10
CS315-7-AU Global Challenges in Interdisciplinary Perspective: Water Conflicts, Water Cultures 20
GV522-7-SP Gender and Armed Conflict 15
GV523-7-AU The Politics of Modern China 15
GV524-7-AU Gender and Leadership 15
GV538-7-SP From Cradle to Grave: Social Justice in Childhood, Adulthood, and Death 15
GV591-7-AU Domestic Environmental Politics 15
GV591-7-FY Environmental Politics 30
HR962-7-AU Approaches to War, Culture and Society 20
HU902-7-SP Human Rights Clinic 15
HU925-7-AU Human Rights, International Relations and Diplomacy 15
HU928-7-SP Human Rights, Social Justice and Social Change 15
HU929-7-SP Plagues, Pandemics, and Panics 15
LT965-7-SP Continental Crossings: Caribbean and US Literature and Culture 20
LW807-7-SP Acute Crises and Displacement 15
LW808-7-AU The Protection of Human Rights in Armed Conflict and Situations of Acute Crisis 15
LW917-7-SP Investment, Environment and Human Rights 15
LW922-7-AU Business and Human Rights 15
LW927-7-SP Transitional Justice 15
LW938-7-SP Gender, Peace, Security and the Law 15
PA931-7-FY Contexts of Refugee Experience 30
PA936-7-AU The Psychic Life of Gender 15
PY948-7-SP Contemporary Critical Theory 20
SC526-7-SP Citizenship, International Migration and Human Rights 20
SC555-7-AU Formative Debates in Criminology 20
SC556-7-AU Organised Crime: Global and Local 20
SC557-7-SP Critical Perspectives on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism 20
SC560-7-SP Crime, Politics and the Sex Industry 20
SC655-7-SP Current Controversies in Criminology 20
SC982-7-AU Migration: Theory, Concepts and Selected Issues 20