Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
LG421-7-SP Phonological Development 15
LG428-7-SP Second Language Vocabulary: Learning, Teaching and Use 15
LG438-7-SP Second Language Acquisition and Linguistics Theory 15
LG462-7-AU Sentence Processing 15
LG503-7-AU Theories of Second Language Acquisition 15
LG507-7-AU Language Attrition 15
LG513-7-AU Individual Differences in L2 Learning 15
LG514-7-AU Syntactic Theory I 15
LG532-7-AU Approaches to Language in Society 15
LG533-7-SP Experimental Analysis 15
LG553-7-AU English in the British Isles 15
LG575-7-AU Research Methods I 15
LG620-7-SP Phonology 15
LG624-7-SP Intercultural Communication: communicating across languages and cultures 15
LG636-7-SP Teaching and Learning Grammar 15
LG653-7-SP English around the world 15
LG674-7-SP Language and Human Rights 15
LG675-7-SP Research Methods II 15
LG699-7-SP Graduate Research Assignment 15