Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
GV508-7-SP The Analysis of Conflict and Peace 15
GV517-7-AU International Security Studies 15
GV517-7-FY International Security Studies 30
GV518-7-AU International Negotiation 15
GV519-7-SP British Political Parties 15
GV521-7-AU Multiparty Systems and Coalitions 15
GV538-7-SP Contemporary Theories of Justice 15
GV591-7-AU International Environmental Politics 15
GV591-7-FY Environmental Politics 30
GV591-7-SP Domestic Environmental Politics 15
GV900-7-FY Political Explanation 30
GV902-7-FY Theories of International Relations 30
GV903-7-FY Advanced Research Methods 30
GV906-7-AU Conflict Resolution 15
GV906-7-FY Conflict Resolution 30
GV906-7-SP Conflict Resolution and Peace 15
GV907-7-FY Political Economy 30
GV908-7-FY Political Theory 30
GV909-7-FY Research Seminar in Political Theory and Methods 30
GV914-7-SP Research Design 15
GV915-7-SU Applied Research Design 15
GV917-7-FY Public Opinion and Political Behaviour 30
GV922-7-SP Concepts and Measurements in Comparative Political Research 15
GV952-7-FY Comparative European Politics 30
GV952-7-SP Comparative European Politics 15
GV958-7-FY Theory and Explanation in Political Science 30
GV963-7-FY United States Politics 30