Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
GV517-7-AU International Security Studies 15
GV517-7-FY International Security Studies 30
GV591-7-AU International Environmental Politics 15
GV591-7-FY Environmental Politics 30
GV591-7-SP Domestic Environmental Politics 15
GV900-7-FY Political Explanation 30
GV902-7-FY Theories of International Relations 30
GV907-7-FY Political Economy 30
GV917-7-FY Public Opinion and Political Behaviour 30
GV988-7-FY Ideology and Political Discourse 30
HU902-7-SP Human Rights Clinic 15
HU921-7-FY Contemporary Issues in Human Rights and Cultural Diversity 30
HU928-7-SP The Morality and Politics of International Human Rights 15
LW901-7-AP International Human Rights: Theories and Institutions 30
LW915-7-SP Human Rights and Development 15
LW918-7-SP Human Rights and Women 15
LW919-7-AU Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Africa 15
PA932-7-SP Psychosocial Perspectives on Human Rights 15
SC510-7-AU Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Theory 20
SC551-7-SP Dynamics of Home and Work 20
SC555-7-AU Formative Debates in Criminology 20
SC655-7-SP Current Controversies in Criminology 20
SC905-7-AU Sociological Research Design 20