Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
BE350-7-SP Corporate Finance 20
BE351-7-SP Derivative Securities 20
BE354-7-AU Portfolio Management 20
BE355-7-SP Exchange Rates and International Finance 20
BE357-7-SP Behavioural Finance 20
BE361-7-SP Risk Management 20
BE362-7-SP Fixed Income Securities 20
BE364-7-SP Trading Global Financial Markets 20
BE650-7-AU Modern Banking 20
BE651-7-SP Bank Strategy and Risk 20
BE653-7-SP Industry Expert Lectures in Finance 20
EC501-7-AU Econometric Methods 20
EC511-7-AU Mathematical Methods 20
EC901-7-SP Monetary Economics 20
EC902-7-SP Economic Development Theory 20
EC903-7-AU Microeconomics 20
EC904-7-AU Macroeconomics 20
EC905-7-SP Political Economy 20
EC906-7-SP Banking 20
EC907-7-SP Economics of Financial Markets 20
EC908-7-SP Topics in Financial Economics 20
EC909-7-AU Behavioural Economics I: Individual Decision Making 20
EC913-7-SP Computational Agent-Based Macro-Economics, Financial Markets and Policy Design 20
EC914-7-SP Behavioural Economics II: Games and Markets 20
EC930-7-SP Theory of Industrial Organisation 20
EC932-7-SP The Economic Geography of Employment, Innovation and Trade 20
EC933-7-SP International Finance 20
EC943-7-AU Game Theory and Applications 20
EC951-7-AU Economics of Incentives 20
EC964-7-SP Microeconometrics 20
EC968-7-SP Panel Data Methods 20
EC969-7-SP Applications of Data Analysis 20