Module option lists

Module Code Module Title Credits
LT901-7-FY Research Methods in Literary and Cultural Analysis 20
LT904-7-AU The New Nature Writing 20
LT908-7-SP Writing the Novel 20
LT909-7-SP Memory Maps: Practices in Psychogeography 20
LT913-7-SP Dramatic Structure 20
LT922-7-AU Literature and Performance in the Modern City 20
LT923-7-SP Early Modern to Eighteenth Century Literature 20
LT927-7-AU Critical Moments in the Theory and History of Film 20
LT928-7-AU Adaptation 20
LT930-7-SP Documentary and the Avant-garde: Film, Video, Digital 20
LT931-7-SP Women Filmmakers 20
LT932-7-SP Film Workshop 20
LT937-7-SP African American Literature 20
LT952-7-AU United States Avant-Garde Poetry since 1950 20
LT961-7-SP Literature and the First World War 20
LT965-7-SP Continental Crossings: Caribbean and US Literature and Culture 20
LT978-7-AU Literature and the Environmental Imagination: 19th to 21st Century Poetry and Prose 20