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Dr Thomas Khurana

Staff positionLecturer in Philosophy

Thomas studied Philosophy, Sociology, Literature and Psychology in Bielefeld and Berlin and received his PhD from the University of Potsdam. Before joining the School, he taught philosophy at the University of Potsdam, the Goethe-University Frankfurt, and the University of Leipzig. He was a Theodor Heuss Lecturer at the New School for Social Research in New York and a Humboldt fellow at the University of Chicago. In 2017, Thomas was awarded a three year Heisenberg Fellowship by the German Research Foundation (DFG) to pursue his new research project on "Norm and Nature". He will spend the academic year 2017/18 at the Department of Philosophy at Yale to start this new project.

Thomas is the author of three books, most recently “Das Leben der Freiheit: Form und Wirklichkeit der Autonomie” (Suhrkamp 2017). His latest edited collection is “The Freedom of Life: Hegelian Perspectives” (August 2013). He has also published various papers on Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Adorno, Foucault, Derrida, Cavell, Brandom, Agamben, and others. His main areas of interest are: Kant and German Idealism, 19th and 20th century continental philosophy, practical and social philosophy, philosophy of language and mind, philosophy of culture and aesthetics. His current research focuses on the dialectics of second nature, the relation of self-consciousness and self-reification, ethical naturalism, and the politics of life.


Dipl.-Psych. (FU Berlin), Dr. phil. (University of Potsdam), Dr. phil. habil. (Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.)

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The Life of Form - Lecture at the conference “Ways of being bound: Normativity from Kant to Heidegger”, Universidad de Navarra (Spain), Aula 30, Edificio Central, November 2-3, 2017

»Natürlich zugleich und übernatürlich«: Goethe on the Art of Second Nature - Lecture at the Symposium "Goethe and Philosophy", Tel Aviv University, December 19-21, 2017

Book Presentation DAS LEBEN DER FREIHEIT, Autorenbuchhandlung Marx & Co, July 14, 2017

The Art of Second Nature - Lecture at the Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought, Goldsmiths University, June 21, 2017

Die Stufe der Differenz: Zur zweiten Natur der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft nach Kant und Hegel, Lecture at the conference of the International Hegel Association, June 15, 2017

»Ohne die Kunst aber ist der Gegenstand ein Stück Natur«: Zur Ästhetik der zweiten Natur nach Hegel, Wittgenstein und Adorno - Lecture at the Department al Colloquium, University of Lucerne 

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