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Bespoke English programmes

If you are aiming to improve your general proficiency in English, our Bespoke English Programme is an ideal choice. It provides you with English language preparation in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from levels A2 to C1

The core programme typically consists of four modules:

  • Foundations of English Language (CEFR A2)
  • English Language Development and Foundations of Academic English (CEFR B1)
  • Further studies in English Language and Academic English (CEFR B2)
  • Advanced studies in English Language and Academic English (CEFR C1)

IELTS skills and preparation can be included in the course.

This course is developed with you in mind so it is flexible and tailored to suit the needs of your group of, ideally, 10 or more participants. It can include, airport collection, trips and bespoke lessons if required.

For further information, please contact the Course Administrator:

Continuing Professional Development

If you want more than English Language development, we also develop and organise programmes for specialist groups to support Continuing Professional Development. Essex Pathways has a strong focus on teacher education from a Teaching English as a Foreign Language perspective so our programmes can include a focus on improving English language or on English language teaching. They can also be combined with academic subjects. Whatever your needs, we can look to creating a programme that works for you.

Make an enquiry

Bespoke programmes are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and are costed accordingly. If you are interested in a programme designed specifically for your staff, students or colleagues, please

In your e-mail, please provide the following information:

  • length of course required;
  • number of participants;
  • level of English;
  • subject-specific discipline (if applicable);
  • excursions (eg a day trip to a place of interest such as Cambridge);
  • airport collection;
  • accommodation;
  • any special requirements; and
  • any other relevant information.