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Research-led teaching

Teaching informed by research

We teach a wide range of subjects via our specialist staff, whose teaching is informed by research findings in each area. We also seek to develop a teaching and research community within our Department, bringing together those who are more actively engaged in research to inform and influence our staff and students. Our international diversity lends itself to a wealth of research-driven knowledge that filters through into all areas of our teaching.

Teaching our students to be researchers

We offer a wide range of modules that train you in research methods and approaches. We also impart the values needed to undertake successful research such as precision, rigour, feasibility, objectivity, lateral thinking and critical analysis. We incorporate these values into all areas of our teaching to increase the quality of your experience and raise the standards of assessed work.

Research projects

We encourage students to try out their research skills through projects that require data collection and analysis. We aim to support students in bridging the gap between theory and practice by enabling you to become familiar with research-related processes.

We carefully guide our students through the process of conducting small-scale projects that equip you with the fundamental skills necessary to conduct large-scale projects during your time at Essex. These skills provide the preparation needed to succeed within your chosen area of study and will enhance your learning in your future department, school or centre.