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Kaplan Singapore

Through our partnership with Kaplan Higher Education Institute and Kaplan Higher Education Academy in Singapore (referred to as Kaplan Singapore), we offer a number of Essex Business School courses in Singapore.

The partnership between Kaplan and Essex commenced in 2014 with a franchise arrangement involving Essex Business School. Kaplan offer various full-time and part-time programmes in partnership with our University.

Our partner

Established in 1989, Kaplan Higher Education in Singapore is a provider of management education and quality lifelong learning programs and services. Through collaboration and partnership with prestigious European, Australian and American universities, Kaplan Higher Education offers career-oriented programmes designed to provide students with the skills necessary to qualify them for employment in the fields of business and management, science and engineering, communication and media, information technology, and humanities and social sciences.

As one of the world's largest education companies and one of the oldest educational providers in Singapore, Kaplan has established itself as one of the most respected private education institutions in Southeast Asia. It provides top-rated diplomas, undergraduate and post graduate degrees, professional qualifications and English-language programmes to students from almost 20 countries. The Wilke Edge Campus is the base for University of Essex programmes and is located in the centre of the city.

Essex Business School

Essex Business School courses are intellectually stretching and challenge you to become researchers, independent thinkers and problem solvers. The research carried out by our academics and practitioners is changing how the world does business. Their work ranks us in the UK's top 25 for research excellence (REF 2014) and shapes our curriculum so our course content is always up-to-date.

You study the issues facing today's global economies and explore how management continues to evolve and impact society. You learn the essentials of business and build your employability skills through a combination of academic rigour, cutting-edge research, practical case studies and work placements. At Essex Business School, you'll possess the knowledge and skills to tackle business challenges and excel in your graduate career.


Courses are modelled on the courses offered by Essex Business School at our campuses in the UK. Under the regulatory framework set down by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Council for Private Education (CPE), courses offered by private education institutions have to be equivalent to the courses offered at home campuses, with some flexibility permitted for local customisation. We work closely with Kaplan to ensure that courses are contextualised to meet the needs of students in Singapore and to meet regulatory requirements.

Students join their courses from the second stage (year two), having completed an award which is approved as being equivalent to the first year. Courses start in November and June.

Course structures

These courses are offered to students studying in Singapore. There may be modules which aren't available at all campuses. Where that's the case, an alternative module (from the list of optional modules on the course or from other Essex Business School courses) has been included, with no impact on the overall aims and outcomes of the programme.

Information on our courses can be found in our programme specification catalogue and module directory. Please note that course structures and module information on our webpages may include changes which are due to be introduced for future academic years which may not yet apply in Singapore.

Study with us

If you are interested in taking any of our courses offered through our partnership with Kaplan Higher Education Institute and Kaplan Higher Education Academy in Singapore, please contact the team at Kaplan in Singapore for more information.