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Taster Week

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Taster Week for sixth form and college students

Monday 3 July - Friday 7 July 2017

2017 will see the introduction of a new approach to sixth form tasters here at Essex. We’ve decided to scoop all our taster events into one fabulous 'Taster Week', so you get the most hands on, practical experience of what a subject is like at undergraduate level.

We’ve tailored the programme to be interactive and educational, giving you a great experience to talk about in your personal statement.

Build your programme

Each day we have different subjects running in parallel so pick the subject you're interested in and book your place. You can come on as many days as you like to get a flavour, but can only choose one subject on each day.

Our subject taster days are held at our Colchester Campus unless stated otherwise.


Studying economics provides you with a greater understanding of the world around you. It teaches you how the economy functions, how people make decisions, why an economic crisis occurs and what the different solutions are.


Studying sociology at Essex allows you to investigate what connects people with each other, as well as what divides them, exploring why individuals, groups, and cultures are the way they are, and examining why they might be different.

Tourism Management (Southend Campus)

Do you want to work in an exciting and professional industry with strong opportunities for career progression? Fancy learning in the heart of a renowned seaside resort? Join us at Essex Business School to find out about our brand new Tourism Management course.


We live in a connected world with instant access to whatever news we want, whenever and wherever we want it. Come along and find out how to become a journalist in today’s multimedia environment.


We have three different sports courses on offer at Essex: Sports Performance and Coaching, Sports and Exercise Science and Sports Therapy - find out which appeals to you most.

Health sciences

Our Health and Human Sciences department teaches a wide range of undergraduate courses, so our taster day aims to give you a flavour of each. We also have a health sciences taster day at our Southend Campus on 6 July.


What makes an effective manager? How does management theory relate to practice? Come along to our Business Management taster day to find out! We also have a tourism taster day at our Southend Campus on 4 July.


At Essex, Mathematics has a truly broad reach. Learn how we're exploring the economic impact of the behaviour of dairy cows, crowd behaviour through modelling a zombie apocalypse and circular Sudoku’s.

Philosophy and art history

At Essex you can study Philosophy and Art History together or individually. You're offered a unique approach to develop skills which are now vital in a society dominated by the visual image and visual forms of communication.

Health sciences (Southend Campus)

Our Health and Human Sciences department teaches a wide range of undergraduate courses, so our taster day aims to give you a flavour of each. We also have a health sciences taster day at our Colchester Campus on 4 July.

Language and linguistics

Studying Language and Linguistics as a combined degree allows you to explore both the theoretical aspects of the language we use, and acquire the practical ability to speak another language. You can study either on their own too.


We are 'freer, more daring and more experimental' than a traditional law school, so your legal education is relevant and responsive to the needs of a changing society. Attend our taster day and see if you agree.

Literature and creative writing

All writers are first of all readers and all readers are writers, for without the active participation of readers a book is never fully realised. At Essex you can study Literature and Creative Writing together or individually, it’s up to you!


Studying theatre and drama at Essex enables you to examine some of the most influential play-texts ever written, and to be ready to take part in shaping the essential performances of tomorrow.


At Essex, we explore the history of people and cultures spanning Britain, Europe and the globe. We give you a ground zero view of the events, ideas and movements that made the world we live in today.

Politics and international relations

Why don’t democratic countries go to war with each other? Why don’t young people vote? Why do oil-rich countries have worse human rights records? These are the kinds of questions addressed in our BA courses.

Student life at Essex

At Essex there's so much going on that you could never leave campus and still find something new to do. We want you to throw yourself in at the deep end, soak up life and make the most of those special Essex moments. Watch snapshots of Sam's story through his own eyes as he lives, learns, laughs and loves. It all adds up to a uniquely Essex experience.

Find a course

Find a course

Search our courses and find the right course for you. At Essex you can show your academic potential in a research-intensive environment, and develop the knowledge and skills required for a successful career.

UG Open Days

Book a place at our undergraduate Open Day. Our department and admissions staff can answer any questions you have, and you can speak to current students about life at Essex while taking a campus tour.

Undergraduate study

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Think you know Essex? Think again. As an Essex undergraduate you don't just learn how, we encourage you to ask difficult questions, challenge why and make your voice heard. We are Essex. Are you?

Life at Essex

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Why not find out what life at Essex is really like? See more of our campuses, facilities and accommodation and hear from our students and academics about what it's like to study with us.