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Resources for teachers at UK schools

We understand how important teachers are in preparing students for university and so we want to support you and your students with a range of resources.

A-level resources

Below you'll find resources to help your students through the university application process. We also want students to thrive in the university learning environment once they arrive, so we’re producing a number of resources to support A-level teachers.

These resources are based on the teaching notes of our academic staff and are designed to help bridge the gap between A-level and undergraduate study.

Similarly we also see the value that the EPQ offers in preparing students for study at university and so we have resources to support that too.

Primary school resources

Secondary school and Sixth Form resources


Seven higher education institutions have developed new and exciting short online courses suitable for year 9 – year 13 students, teachers and advisers. The free AccessHE online courses range from introductions to topics such as law and maths, to understanding how the university application cycle works.


In addition to all of these resources we also have Essex101, a fully interactive online course which students can undertake in their own time or you can use in the classroom.

CPD events

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We want to invest in the next generation of students, which is why we also invest in teachers’ and advisers’ professional development through a range of CPD events. Come and learn from our academics and external providers while meeting colleagues from across the region.

Schools activities

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Our Outreach programme offers an exciting and dynamic range of activities for primary schools, secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges either on campus or in your school, allowing students to discover what it's like to come to university.

Insight Day

student at an Insight Day

Designed for Year 12 and 13 students, Insight Day offers an excellent introduction to university courses and careers beyond. Students will meet both our world-leading academics and employers from a range of industries, helping them make important decisions about next steps.


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Our unique online course helps bridge the gap between school/ college and university. Ideal for use in lessons and in students' own time, it will help students to write, research and revise more effectively.