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Teacher CPD Week

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Teacher CPD Week 2017

Monday 5 to Friday 9 June, Colchester Campus

At Essex we want to invest in the next generation of students to better prepare them for future university study.

We recognise that teachers are an important part of this preparation and so we're committed to investing in your continuing professional development wherever we can. As part of this, we're running our first free Teacher CPD Week with an event each day about a specific topic.


On some days we have different topics running in parallel so pick the one you're most interested in. You can come on as many days as you like, but can only choose one topic on each day.

Annual teachers' conference for Schools Membership Plus

This day is designed to update our Schools Membership Plus members and to evaluate our scheme. Discussions will be interactive and collaborative; giving your school the opportunity to express your thoughts about the scheme over the past year.

FixUp workshops

These workshops from FixUp Enterprise will inspire and promote empowerment, conflict resolution and teamwork within the school setting. All sessions are designed to be fun and uplifting; walk away feeling positive and uplifted with a new sense of vision, identity and purpose.

Raising the profile of the arts

Take the opportunity to discover exciting arts initiatives on offer to your school by participating in these sessions. This includes the 'Artsmark' award, which is facilitated by Royal Opera House Bridge.

All inclusive history

These interactive sessions have been designed in order to consider the opportunities and successes of the GCSE History Historic Environment task. Discuss the optimum resources and strategies for students to attain top grades.

Languages conference

Learn about cutting-edge research studies in the classroom. This collection of talks and workshops will allow for the discussion of current research into language and linguistics as well as creative writing, free writing and multilevel flipped classroom teaching.

Teaching students with ADHD and autism

Explore the science of ADHD and what this means for teachers and students in this series of sessions. Peel back the issues in the classroom and discuss strategies to help these students reach their maximum potential.

Mental health first aid

Look at the differences between positive mental health and mental health issues. Learn the risk factors for mental health and addiction concerns, and discuss strategies for resilience and recovery.

How to get here

All events during our CPD week are held at our Colchester Campus.