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Southend Campus – Student Locker Scheme

To hire a student locker this year at the Southend Campus simply complete the form below and pay a £10 deposit. By making a payment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions detailed below. Take your receipt to the Student Services Hub on the second floor of The Forum to collect your locker key. You'll need to book an appointment for the Student Services Hub.

This scheme includes lockers in the following locations only:

  • The Gateway Building: 2nd floor lift lobby, 3rd floor opposite GB.3.48
  • The Forum Learning Hub (2nd floor): near the Info Point and Open Study Space

Southend Campus – Student Locker Scheme
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Terms and conditions of use

  1. The user must pay a deposit of £10 via the webshop to hire a locker, subject to availability. There is a limit of one locker per person.
  2. Lockers require a token and key to activate. Locker keys can be collected from the Student Services Hub on production of receipt of payment and the Elavon transaction number. Book an appointment to collect your key via
  3. The lockers and keys will remain the property of the University and as such the University may access the locker at all times and without notice to the user for the purposes of security, maintenance and repair, and other purposes as deemed necessary.
  4. Lockers may be accessed during building opening hours only.
  5. No liability is accepted for any lost or stolen items from lockers.
  6. No illegal or hazardous materials should be stored in the locker.
  7. Any uncharged library books or materials found in lockers will be returned to the library.
  8. Lockers may be withdrawn if used incorrectly.
  9. Users should notify the University, at the Student Services Hub (via, of any damage caused to the locker. Charges may be applied by the University for the repair.
  10. The locker key must be returned to the Student Services Hub by no later than 30 August 2024 (or 13 December 2024 for January starters). The deposit will be refunded to the user after a check of the locker has been carried out and if no damage is found. This is expected to take no more than 10 working days after the return of the key.
  11. If a key is lost or not returned by the end date the deposit will be retained and a new key barrel will be installed.
  12. Any items found in the locker at the end of the hire period will be treated as lost property.