Mathematical Methods

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Mathematical Sciences
Colchester Campus
Undergraduate: Level 5
Thursday 03 October 2019
Saturday 14 December 2019
04 October 2018


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Module description

The course gives an introduction to a range of core mathematical techniques, of broad applicability.

Sequences and series:
- Bounded, monotonic, convergent sequences of real numbers;
- Sums, products and quotients of sequences.

- Summable and absolutely summable series of real numbers;
- Finite and infinite geometric series;
- harmonic series; harmonic series with alternating signs.
- Ratio and comparison tests for summability.

Power series:
- Taylor series, radius of convergence, term-by-term differentiation, exponential series

Partial differentiation:
- Taylor series for a function of two variables;
- Lagrange multipliers: stationary points subject to constraints.

Double integrals:
- change in order of integration;
- change of variable to polar co-ordinates.

On completion of the course students should be able to:
- recognise and manipulate simple sequences and series;
- distinguish summable series from others;
- calculate Taylor series expansions;
- calculate radii of convergence of power series;
- find the stationary points of quadratic functions subject to linear constraints;
- change order of integration in repeated integrals.

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Module information

Available to Socrates /IP students spending all relevant terms at Essex.

Learning and teaching methods

This course runs at 3 hours per week in the Autumn term. There are 2 lectures in weeks 2-11 and one lecture in weeks 2-4,6 and 8 and one classes in weeks 5, 7, 9, 8 and 11 In the Summer term 3 revision lectures are given.


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Overall assessment

Coursework Exam
20% 80%


Coursework Exam
20% 80%
Module supervisor and teaching staff
Dr Hadi Susanto, email
Miss Claire Watts, Department Manager, Tel. 01206 873040, email



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Mathematical Sciences

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