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Colchester Campus
Full Year
Undergraduate: Level 5
Thursday 03 October 2019
Friday 26 June 2020
01 November 2019


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Key module for

BA LL12 Economics and Politics,
BA LL13 Economics and Politics (Including Placement Year),
BA LL1F Economics and Politics (Including Year Abroad),
BSC LL2F Economics and Politics,
BSC LL3F Economics and Politics (Including Year Abroad),
BSC LL4F Economics and Politics (Including Placement Year),
BA L900 International Development,
BA L901 International Development (Including Year Abroad),
BA L902 International Development (Including Placement Year),
BA L250 International Relations (Including Foundation Year),
BA L258 International Relations,
BA L259 International Relations (Including Year Abroad),
BA L260 International Relations (Including Placement Year),
BA L0V0 Philosophy, Politics and Economics,
BA L0V1 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Including Placement Year),
BA L0VA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Including Year Abroad),
BA L150 Political Economics,
BA L151 Political Economics (Including Year Abroad),
BA L152 Political Economics (Including Placement Year),
BA 0A56 Political Theory and Public Policy (Including Year Abroad),
BA 7L29 Political Theory and Public Policy,
BA 7L30 Political Theory and Public Policy (Including Placement Year),
BA L200 Politics,
BA L201 Politics (Including Year Abroad),
BA L202 Politics (Including Foundation Year),
BA L203 Politics (Including Placement Year),
BA L219 Politics with Human Rights (Including Placement Year),
BA L2M9 Politics with Human Rights,
BA LFM9 Politics with Human Rights (Including Year Abroad),
BA L225 Politics and International Relations,
BA L226 Politics and International Relations (Including Year Abroad),
BA L227 Politics and International Relations (Including Placement Year),
BSC L222 Politics and International Relations,
BSC L223 Politics and International Relations (Including Year Abroad),
BSC L224 Politics and International Relations (Including Placement Year)

Module description

GV711 offers students the opportunity to develop necessary employability, citizenship, and life skills to successfully compete in the graduate labour market after graduation and to make a meaningful contribution to society more generally.

Module aims

- Develop a comprehensive understanding of employment and post-graduate opportunities available to Politics students after graduation.
- Encourage personaland criticalreflection on and planning of career path.
- Develop wider employability skills.
- Ensure students are adequately prepared to access opportunitiesthroughout the undergraduate degree cycle.

Module learning outcomes

After completing this module students should:
1. Have a goodunderstanding of their own interests, skills and competencies, relevant to their future career choice.
2. Be able to identify, understand, and critically reflect on potential career pathsboth before and after graduation.
3. Have a clear understanding of how and when to access career development opportunities.
4. Be adequately prepared to make appropriate applications for employment or post-graduate study, drawing effectively upon their strengths and achievements

Module information

The module will cover 15 core elementsand these will be organised around five main topics:
1. Self-awareness(understanding one’s self, including one’s interests, desires, and talents).
2. Opportunity awareness(understanding the character and trends of the labour market in the context of wider social values and global trends).
3. Decision-making(developing the skills to decide and plan a course of action on the basis of suchunderstandings).
4. Transition(developing the awareness and skills necessary to put decisions into practice).
5. Political Awareness(reflecting critically on how the world of work relates to wider social, economic, and political contexts and trends at national and global levels, and how one imagines contributing to society beyond their immediate employment).

Learning and teaching methods

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Overall assessment

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Module is not taken for marks.

Module supervisor and teaching staff
mradean@essex.ac.uk Module Administrator: Lewis Olley govquery@essex.ac.uk



External examiner

Dr Arzu Kibris
Associate Professor
Dr Mohammed Rodwan Abouharb
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