Placement Year

The details
Colchester Campus
Full Year
Undergraduate: Level 6
Thursday 03 October 2019
Friday 26 June 2020
04 October 2018


Requisites for this module



Key module for

BA 0F66 Economics (Including Placement Year),
BSC 0E45 Economics (Including Placement Year),
BSC L1G3 Economics with Mathematics (Including Placement Year),
BA 5A84 Financial Economics (Including Placement Year),
BSC 0Q64 Financial Economics (Including Placement Year),
BA V1L1 History and Economics (Including Placement Year),
BA 9O47 International Economics (Including Placement Year),
BSC 5H18 International Economics (Including Placement Year),
BA 9L11 Management Economics (Including Placement Year),
BSC 5M00 Management Economics (Including Placement Year),
BA L147 Financial Economics and Accounting (Including Placement Year),
BSC LG03 Economics with Computing (Including Placement Year),
BA LN12 Business Economics (Including Placement Year),
BA C861 Economics with Psychology (Including Placement Year),
BSC C168 Economics with Psychology (Including Placement Year)

Module description

This is a full year module available only to students in the Department of Economics undertaking a placement year. Students will undertake their placement at a host organisation. The student is responsible for securing the placement, with support from the University.

The module enables students to undertake a full placement year with an external Placement Provider. During the placement, the student will complete a number of assessments which enable the student to utilise and develop the links between the knowledge and skills developed in their academic course and the work-based skills developed in carrying out their placement role.

Module aims

No information available.

Module learning outcomes

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Module information

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Learning and teaching methods

The learning and teaching methods will be dependent on the placement and will be recorded for an individual student on the training agreement signed by the Placement Provider, the student, and the University. Each student will be assigned to an Academic Supervisor in their Department, and a Placement Supervisor named by the Placement Provider. Students will liaise with their Academic Supervisor and their Placement Supervisor on a regular basis throughout the period of their placement, and as necessary after the placement has ended in order to allow the student to complete the assessed work for the module. The Academic Supervisor will be appointed prior to the student undertaking their placement, and will contact the student at defined points throughout the placement. The Academic Supervisor will be available via email and phone as necessary during the period the student is on placement. Students will additionally be provided with the contact details of administrative staff in the Department who will be contactable throughout the placement; and with the details of the Placements Manager for Social Sciences who will be available to students throughout their placement to provide advice and support in relation to generic work-based learning issues.


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Assessment items, weightings and deadlines

Coursework / exam Description Deadline Weighting
Coursework Opening Review 30/10/2019
Coursework 1. Opening Review
Coursework Initial Report
Coursework Draft Learning Log
Coursework 2. Initial Report
Coursework 3. Draft learning log
Coursework Mid-Point Review
Coursework 4. Mid-point review
Coursework 5. Monthly learning log final submission
Coursework 6. Final Report

Overall assessment

Module is either passed or marked as not completed.


Module is either passed or marked as not completed.

Module supervisor and teaching staff
Gianluigi Vernasca: Claire Cox:



External examiner

Dr Hui Pan
Coventry University
Senior Lecturer
Dr Roberto Bonilla Trejos
The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Dr Hui Pan
Coventry University
Senior Lecturer
Dr Roberto Bonilla Trejos
The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
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