Module Codes

Module codes are made up of several parts. The department code shows the department that runs the module, the module number identifies the module, the level is relevant to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and generally depicts the stage at which a student takes the module, and the period describes the time and length that the module is running during the academic year.

For example, HR100-4-FY is a module in the History department (HR) at level 4 (typically first year undergraduate) which runs for the full year (FY).

Dept Code Module Number Level Period
HR 100 3 = Undergraduate (Foundation) FY = Full Year
4 = Undergraduate AU = Autumn Term
5 = Undergraduate SP = Spring Term
6 = Undergraduate AP = Autumn/Spring Terms
7 = Taught Graduate PS = Spring/Summer Terms
AS = Autumn/Summer Terms

A module may be available to students on a full year basis or as two independent half options. These modules will all have the same module number but the differences will be indicated in the code by different period codes. A (fictitious) example would be:

  • HR400-6-FY (full year) - History of the Stone Age and Iron Age
  • HR400-6-AU (autumn term) - History of the Stone Age
  • HR400-6-SP (spring term) - History of the Iron Age

A module could also be available at different levels, e.g. final year undergraduate and graduate. This would be reflected as follows:

  • HR400-6-FY - History of the Stone Age and Iron Age
  • HR400-7-FY - History of the Stone Age and Iron Age

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