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Language and Linguistics
Colchester Campus
Undergraduate: Level 4
Thursday 04 October 2018
Friday 14 December 2018


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Key module for

BA RR19 French Studies and Modern Languages,
BA RR20 French Studies and Modern Languages (5 Years Including Foundation Year),
BA RR90 German Studies and Modern Languages (5 Years Including Foundation Year),
BA RR9F German Studies and Modern Languages,
BA RR38 Italian Studies and Modern Languages,
BA RR40 Italian Studies and Modern Languages (5 Years Including Foundation Year),
BA Q140 Language Studies,
BA Q143 Language Studies (4 Years Including Foundation Year),
BA R900 Modern Languages,
BA R999 Modern Languages (5 Years Including Foundation Year),
BA R8T7 Modern Languages with Latin American Studies,
BA R8T9 Modern Languages with Latin American Studies (5 Years Including Foundation Year),
BA RR49 Spanish Studies and Modern Languages,
BA RR50 Spanish Studies and Modern Languages (5 Years Including Foundation Year),
BA RT97 Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies,
BA RT99 Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (5 Years Including Foundation Year),
MLANR990 Modern Languages (Translation)

Module description

Module Description

This introductory module is a foundation module designed to introduce key concepts relating to languages, language learning and intercultural communication. It will help you develop intercultural skills and language awareness to support and complement the language skills that are covered in language-specific modules. Study resources include printed materials and online activities which support independent learning. Together, they will introduce you to some of the elements that define studying modern foreign languages. This module is compulsory for students in BA Modern Languages, BA Language Studies and BA French / German / Italian / Portuguese / Spanish Studies and Modern Languages.


The aims of this module are
* to equip students with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to gain maximum benefit from their language studies;
* for students to acquire a professional approach to their studies;
* to provide students with the tools to understand linguistic concepts;
* to apply these concepts to the languages they study in order to become better learners.

Module aims

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Module learning outcomes

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Module information

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Learning and teaching methods

Including number and format of contact hours, e.g. lectures, seminars, classes, practicals Specify where students can find this information There are three weekly contact hours, including a two hour lecture in English and a one hour tutorial in the language the student has chosen as their major language. Class time is dedicated to the introduction of new concepts and focuses on creating practice opportunities. Students will be expected to attend all sessions and to complete some relevant practical tasks for each session.


This module does not appear to have a published bibliography.

Assessment items, weightings and deadlines

Coursework / exam Description Deadline Weighting
Coursework   Quiz 2 - Moodle    20% 
Coursework   Portfolio    60% 
Coursework   Quiz 1 - Moodle    20% 

Overall assessment

Coursework Exam
100% 0%


Coursework Exam
0% 0%
Module supervisor and teaching staff
Dr Laetitia Vedrenne, email:
Dr Laetitia Vedrenne, Mrs Daniela Carboni, Dr Beatriz De Paiva, Ms Emma Hopper
Dr Laetitia Vedrenne Tel: 01206 872114, Email: Office: 4.219 Mrs Daniela Carboni, office: 4.324, telephone:01206 874835, email: Dr Beatriz De Paiva, office: 4.211, telephone:01206 872236, email: Ms Emma Hopper, office: 4.303, telephone: 01206 872191, email:



External examiner

Dr Rhian Elisabeth Atkin
Cardiff University
Dr Matilde Gallardo
King's College London
Prof Nils Langer
The University of Bristol
Mr David Henri Pascal Tual
The University of Cambridge
Director of the Language Unit
Prof Sonia Cunico
University of Exeter
Director of Language Teaching
Available via Moodle
Of 60 hours, 45 (75%) hours available to students:
15 hours not recorded due to service coverage or fault;
0 hours not recorded due to opt-out by lecturer(s).


Further information
Language and Linguistics

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