Research Project

The details
Colchester Campus
Full Year
Undergraduate: Level 6
Thursday 03 October 2019
Friday 26 June 2020
11 April 2019


Requisites for this module
EC831, GV831, GV832, GV836


GV831, GV832, GV836

Key module for

BA VT2R American History (Including Year Abroad),
BA V100 History,
BA V101 History (Including Year Abroad),
BA V102 History (Including Foundation Year),
BA V103 History (Including Placement Year),
BA MV91 History and Criminology,
BA MV92 History and Criminology (Including Placement Year),
BA MV98 History and Criminology (Including Foundation Year),
BA MV9C History and Criminology (Including Year Abroad),
BA LV11 History and Economics,
BA LV18 History and Economics (Including Foundation Year),
BA V1L1 History and Economics (Including Placement Year),
BA VL11 History and Economics (Including Year Abroad),
BA QV21 History and Literature,
BA QV22 History and Literature (Including Placement Year),
BA QV2C History and Literature (Including Foundation Year),
BA VQ12 History and Literature (Including Year Abroad),
BA LV31 History and Sociology,
BA LV32 History and Sociology (Including Placement Year),
BA LV38 History and Sociology (Including Foundation Year),
BA LV3C History and Sociology (Including Year Abroad),
BA V1W6 History with Film Studies,
BA V1W7 History with Film Studies (Including Placement Year),
BA V1W8 History with Film Studies (Including Foundation Year),
BA V1WP History with Film Studies (Including Year Abroad),
BA V1L2 History with Human Rights,
BA V1L8 History with Human Rights (Including Foundation Year),
BA V1LF History with Human Rights (Including Year Abroad),
BA V1LG History with Human Rights (Including Placement Year),
BA V140 Modern History,
BA V144 Modern History (Including Foundation Year),
BA V148 Modern History (Including Placement Year),
BA V149 Modern History (Including Year Abroad),
BA V145 Global History,
BA V146 Global History (Including Year Abroad)

Module description

The History Research Project is the longest single piece of work you will do at Essex and plays an important part in the assessment of your degree scheme, forming one-eighth of your final mark. It is also the intellectual culmination of your history degree, giving you the opportunity to engage in independent research on a topic of your choice and to develop your own ideas and arguments in order to create a new piece of history.

Your Research Project must be submitted in one of the following two formats:
-EITHER a 10,000-word dissertation, usually consisting of an introduction, three or four chapters and a conclusion;
-OR a 5,000-word research report (usually consisting of an introduction, one or two chapters and a conclusion), PLUS a public history output, such as a series of museum exhibition boards, a podcast, web resources or a play or film script (the equivalent of 5,000 words). Students opting for this format will need to demonstrate creatively how they will make their research available to a public (ie: non-academic) audience and to reflect critically on the issues that this endeavour raises.

Module aims

By taking this module you will:

Deepen and develop your understanding of how to research history, manage your time and solve problems;
Develop your skills in communicating your research ideas, with a specific focus on how to structure, write up and present your research project;
Learn how to work effectively with a project supervisor.

Module learning outcomes

By the end of the module you will have:

Demonstrated that you can complete a piece of original historical research of your own design and planning to schedule;
Demonstrated that you can communicate your research effectively and in an appropriate scholarly manner, EITHER as a 10,000-word dissertation OR as a 5,000-word research report plus a public history output.

Module information

Reading list is not applicable.

Learning and teaching methods

On HR831 you will attend a series of lectures, individual and small-group supervisions and workshops in the autumn and spring terms of your final year, which will help you with the final stages of your research and the writing up and submission process.


This module does not appear to have a published bibliography.

Assessment items, weightings and deadlines

Coursework / exam Description Deadline Weighting
Coursework   Research Project draft (1500 words)    0% 
Coursework   Research Project - FINAL    100% 

Overall assessment

Coursework Exam
100% 0%


Coursework Exam
100% 0%
Module supervisor and teaching staff
Prof Alison Rowlands, email:
Belinda Waterman, Department of History, 01206 872313



External examiner

Dr Simon Rofe
University of London
Reader in Diplomatic and International Studies
Dr Rachel Rich
Leeds Beckett University
Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Williams
Cardiff University
Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History
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0 hours not recorded due to service coverage or fault;
0 hours not recorded due to opt-out by lecturer(s).


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