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East 15 Acting School
Southend Campus
Full Year
Undergraduate: Level 5
Thursday 03 October 2019
Friday 26 June 2020
24 January 2020


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BA W412 Acting and Stage Combat

Module description

These projects concentrate on particular styles and apply the skills that you are gaining in a performance environment. You will explore different forms of character development and expression, methods of rehearsal and tackle the difficulties that arise when working on different type of specialised projects.

As in year one, you will continue to gain a new mix of skills and modes of character and story interpretation - and now will be applying them into projects. This will build up the experience of performance and introduce you to the demands that will be made on a third year BA Hons degree.

Term One - Animal/Mask
This is a movement and character-based unit that will explore alternative ways of investigating how the human body is able to move. Based on the study of selected animals, you will work with a specialist tutor to increase your understanding and ability to manipulate your body in a given space. As part of the study within this module, you may experiment with alternative costumes and basic mask work to understand how an external influence may affect/inform the creating of a unique and believable dramatic character. As well as creating set patterns of movements, you will also be encouraged to explore character and body manipulation under improvisational situations. There will be a two performance projects during this unit, in which students will display their skills in movement, character development and teamwork.

Term Two - Devised Performance Project
You will use your skills to create and perform in a devised production. The subject and/or theme of this project will be given by the unit director - and from this information the group will be expected to research, plot, script, and then cast their own production. Much of the work for this unit will be through independent study- where the students are required to work as a team to reach the goal of a unique and new performance. An aptitude in independent study and creation are crucial in the attaining of a BA Hons and the process and performance of this project will ready you for the creation of the Graduation project.

Terms One and Two - Elizabethan/Jacobean Project
In this unit you will learn about the historical and cultural influences that affected the creation of the British theatre under the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I and apply this research to the performance of scenes from plays of this period. You will be introduced to the differences encountered when tackling a classical verse text including verse structure, thrust staging, character development. You will be pushed to find the truth that drives these characters and be able to perform heightened language with honesty. You will be introduced to new rehearsal techniques devised to assist your understanding of text - and make you more comfortable performing classical texts. The unit will combine practical exploration of the subject matter and individual research.

Term Three - Professional Placement
The work placement scheme is a project in which East 15 unites with an outside body (the Project Provider) to create a public performance. This placement will be supervised by internal and external staff. You will acquire skills under close guidance and be given the opportunity to take responsibility and act as a professional before graduation from the Foundation Degree. Guidelines regulating the relationship between East 15, the Project Provider and you will be delivered at the start of the term. This unit forms a large part of the preparation needed for the Graduation Project in Year 3 and will absorb most of your time and effort in this term.

Module aims

The module aims to:

Term 1 - Animal/Mask

1. Introduce a new movement discipline to the students’ repertoire of skills
2. Integrate developed physical energy and presence into performance work
3. Use imagination and impulse improvisation as a tool for self-discovery
4. Expand the actor’s range of movement
5. Expand the actor’s range of character

Term 2 - Devised Performance Project
1. Create a unique, engaging drama that represents the skills and knowledge that have been accumulated to date
2. Introduce students experience of performing to a wider audience
3. Provide experience in varied aspects of the production process
4. Encourage individuality, creativity and structured thought through a devising process
5. Identify, extend and consolidate students’ strengths under the pressure of a production
6. Prepare students for the level of independent work that will be required in Year 3

Terms 1 and 2 - Elizabethan/Jacobean Project
1. Introduce the historical and cultural elements of the theatre of Elizabethan England
2. Explore a range of classical texts
3. Explore a historical acting style
4. Introduce methods and techniques to truthfully play a classical script
5. Identify the acting tools required to play an Elizabethan/Jacobean text.

Term 3 - Performance Project
1. To learn how to take direction and constructive criticism from a director
2. Learn how to handle yourself in a professional and respectful manner
3. Understand how health and safety relate to a specific project
4. Apply all previous learning in a performance project
5. Provide students with the opportunity for full-scale ensemble work in performance
6. Further develop the ability to work as part of a collaborative team

Module learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

1, Demonstrate the ability to confidently use the body to the full, in a free, safe and flexible manner
2. Select and refine gestures, images, impulses from improvisation
3. Use physical traits to create a truthful character
4. Demonstrate an understanding of spatial awareness in conjunction with others and the performance environment
5. Work as individuals or as part of a team

Devised Performance Project
1. Confidently create a show, devised by a small company
2. Confidently communicate and respond to a theatre audience
3. Combine acquired skills in performance
4. Sustain character within the demands of a technical production
5. Demonstrate an ability to identify problems and produce practical solutions within a given frame of reference
6. Identify the safety issues connected to a specific project

1. Demonstrate understanding of the style of plays and acting style in the period studied
2. Utilise skills in rehearsal and performance
3. Demonstrate a working understanding of iambic pentameter
4. Demonstrate competence and confidence in application of research to performance.

Performance Project
1. Demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of rehearsal and production
2. Write a Risk Analysis for a specific production project
3. Perform to a professional standard
4. Evaluate and assess your own growth as a performe
5. Demonstrate proficiency in using research to inform a performance

Module information

Included in this module is your Professional Placement Project, in which you will acquire skills under close guidance and be given the opportunity to take responsibility and act as a professional.

Learning and teaching methods

Practical Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Tutorials, Independent Study, Rehearsals, Research.


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Assessment items, weightings and deadlines

Coursework / exam Description Deadline Weighting
Practical   Animal / Mask    20% 
Practical   Devised Performance Project    20% 
Practical   Elizabethan and Jacobean    20% 
Practical   Performance Project    40% 

Overall assessment

Coursework Exam
100% 0%


Coursework Exam
100% 0%
Module supervisor and teaching staff
Mr Nick Hall, email: halln@essex.ac.uk.
Nick Hall, Chris Main, Visiting Directors
For further information please email halln@essex.ac.uk



External examiner

Mr Philip D'Orleans
British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat
Physical Skills Instructor
Available via Moodle
No lecture recording information available for this module.


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East 15 Acting School

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